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The Latest Crisis

October 13, 2010 Leave a comment

In response to article entitled, “The Latest Crisis” this is my comments for it–

Dear Editor,

Please forgive my curiosity and concern. I am very much skeptical on asking question concerning, “why?”. All this is being done to capture “one man” and defeat “terrorism”. This is really good case where good guys are chasing the bad guys. To ordinary public like us, it is very doubtful question who is the good guy and who remains the bad guy. After hearing many conspiracy theories it raise little concern. However, all those spending and so called “crisis” are looking hazy and cozy.

Good luck !

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Santosh Kalwar’s Twelfth Book, Entitled "The Warrior," is Published

June 22, 2010 Leave a comment

In his new book, entitled, “The Warrior,” a young Nepalese poet from Chitwan, Nepal has published collection of twenty-five poems on war.

Lappeenranta, Finland, June 22, 2010 –(– Lulu Press, Inc. is proud to present “The Warrior” by Santosh Kalwar from Lappeenranta, Finland.

The Warrior is a collection of twenty-five delicate war poems. The book describes many aspects of warrior’s life. In some poems, author maintains an ironic tone. The simplicity of individual words may be elusive. In some poems author belittles the role of the poet. He has voiced his opinion about war by writing poem against war. The first poem tells about man’s intention to slaughter contemporary man, a feeling of anger and frustration. Poem 2 questions on warrior’s death. Poem 3 and poem 4, describes a death of warrior’s life. Similarly, poems 5 and 6 deals with types of war and selfless desire to live an ordinary warrior’s life, while 7 and 8 describes story of two warrior boys and urges for change. In short, these poems may be very simple but they may also appear to be most outstanding and poignant poems on war.

Santosh Kalwar is an author of eleven published books entitled, “Nature God (2008), Human behavior on the Internet (2009), A Very First Book of Poems (2009), …109 Quotes, 07 Poems, and a song of despair (2009)…, 20 Love Poems and Economy Crisis (2009), 25 Sexy Poems (2009), Yet another book of Poems (2009), Happening: Poems (2010), I Am Dead Man Alive (2010), You Can (2010) and An Aphrodisiac (2010).

Santosh Kalwar is studying at Lappeenranta University of Technology, Lappeenranta, Finland. He loves reading and writing poetry. For further information about the writer, please visit his website at

ISBN 978-1-4457-9131-9

To place orders for the book, contact: Lulu Press, Inc.


War is Money !

January 24, 2008 Leave a comment

Can anybody describe me the word called “war”. I think no one can. No can can give the exact and real meaning of the word called “war”. As war is the contest of nations or states, it always implies that such contest is authorized by the monarch or the sovereign power of the nation. A war begun by attacking another nation, is called an offensive war, and such attack is aggressive. War undertaken to repel invasion, or the attacks of an enemy, is called defensive. [1913 Webster]. This implies that the layman’s terminology for war is between two country for the contest or for to gain power. It begins by attacking another nation which it terms as offensive and the process of such war is aggressive. A country being aggressive nature. I remember the famous people in the world are the ones who are born aggressive. Without the aggressiveness their is no powerful and weak differentiation. We are equal then,I remember my friend from india saying “Amitabh Bacchaan is aggressive young man, similarly Sanjay Dutt is aggressive young man” These people are famous, VIP of that country. Why is a person aggressive and what is it has to do with the war ? Ladies and Gentleman, This is because of one country in world which is very aggressive in whatever things it does. The country which has gained the experience of being the number 1 country in world is “……” Every body knows the answer. This is because this country is most aggressive country in world. What is it has to do with our country ? It is breaking our country in pieces why ? The very next reason behind every war is money. You can do research in this topic, you can hire 100 PHD’s and do research you will get one statement and that is “war is money”. why number 1 country in world is doing such activities, it is doing so because It is the number 1 gun producer in world,if our country stabilizes and regains peace then it will be problem free fro both India and China. Both will progress very fast, and if they progress faster as their pace now… Imagine what will happen in Asia. The whole Asia economy,trade,IT, infrastructure, health,sanitation, and every other factors or elements will rise. World number 1 is good at showing to public that they are helping the country, but they are doing something else. They are creating money from war. Let us be alert from this. War is always money and it will remain like this forever and ever.

War, Games and Spirituality

October 14, 2007 Leave a comment

War and games have been part of life since time immemorial. They are both tendencies that have impacted human life and society, sometimes favorably and sometimes adversely. The Mahabharata war began with a game but what came out of it was wisdom of Gita. World has seen lessons after World War II, when tolerance, pluralism and secularism gained prominence. But when war became a game, we have failed to learn a lesson. For the mighty and powerful, war is just a game, as has happened in Vietnam and Iraq. Pakistan and India have fought many wars and the same is true of the Middle East. In spite of so many ethnic conflicts in central Africa, Congo, Ethiopia, Ivory Coast and now Sudan, no lesson has been learnt. There is a thin line between game and war. While the East has chosen the concept of seeing life as a game, in the Middle East, it is jehad. One thing that seems to be common between war and game is that, in both, you need to be insensitive towards the other. If you are sensitive towards others’ feelings, you can’t defeat the other. That is why the concept of Life is a game in-sensitizes you to the pains and the pleasures of life. Today, when children play video games, Internet, watch violent cartoons, they get in-sensitized. These games have turned into real life situations, leading to classroom violence. The last decade has seen unprecedented instances of violence in schools. Dropout rates in schools in Washington DC are an alarming 50 per cent and there is an increase in gang violence amongst the adolescents the world over. The intellectuals of today have to devise ways to bring back sensitivity and sensibility in the younger generation, without which there will be neither safety nor security on this planet. Fear of dominance of one community over the other, one nation over the other, have caused nations and communities to amass weapons. Amassing wealth and weapons has become a game. On many occasions, caste conflicts and cash conflicts are all subsidiaries of the arms race. Many think that spirituality makes men realize the ultimate. Spirituality is definitely an antidote to war. It helps to prevent the game from turning into a war and war turning into a game. Spirituality, people often think, is just a practice; it is an attitude as well. A practice is always bound by time but an attitude gets woven into that time. As practice, it is limited to occasions, to time and has time-bound effects. It is easy to adopt spirituality as a practice but takes courage, maturity and understanding to build it as an attitude. It is attitude and intention that matters more than action. The Americans apologized for mistaken notion when they bombed civilians in Afghanistan and Iraq. When the Israelis pounded Lebanon or when Sri Lankan forces bombed Tamil Tigers’ schools and hospitals, all they said was sorry, it was not our intention; it was a mistaken identity. Here, war has become a game. Today, many around the globe say spirituality is the answer. Will humaneness in spirituality put an end to war? Will it make you submissive and docile? Will it take away the joy and fun in aggression? Will it make you an escapist? This stream of questions smolders with no answers to put them off. In fact, it should not be. An answer can only be used once, but the path created by these vital questions can be trodden many times to an open-ended human evolution.