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October 14, 2010 Leave a comment

Her body touches heart

a soft and hairless chest

while he sleeps and rests.

On top of him

she lies

awake, jumping like frog

she penetrates her life

with enthusiasm and passion

rest is Cinderella story

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Press releases: Warrior of Light by Santosh Kalwar

October 7, 2010 Leave a comment

Lappeenranta, Finland, October 07, 2010 — New Polish Beat (small press located in pozan, Poland)  is proud to present chapbook entitled, “Warrior of Light” by Santosh Kalwar–a young Nepalese poet currently studying in Lappeenranta, Finland.

Santosh Kalwar’s “Warrior of light” chapbook is a veritable image gallery of warrior’s observations. Well structured and it has been edited by famous editor and songwriter of Poland, A.J. Kauffman, and equally well packaged as the poetic masterpiece of a soldier.

Kalwar’s voice is unique and credible, unlimited beyond the scope of any boundaries or barriers. At times, he is brilliant. Nevertheless, mostly, his verse touches deepness of soul. “These poems are great”, says an editor and publisher, Mr. Kauffman

By publishing his great and fascinating poems, Mr. Santosh Kalwar has been entitled, the First Young Nepalese Poet to publish poetry chapbook in the West.
To order book:
simply send an e-mail to editor,, indicating the title of the book. or, Visit here
See preview of book

Press releases: Quote Me Everyday

October 4, 2010 Leave a comment

In his latest book, entitled, “Quote Me Everyday,” a young Nepalese writer from Chitwan, Nepal has published collection of inspirational, motivational and life changing quotes for each day of the year.

Lappeenranta, Finland, October 04, 2010 –(– Lulu Press, Inc. is proud to present “Quote Me Everyday” by Santosh Kalwar from Lappeenranta, Finland.

Quote Me Everyday is collection of quotes for each day of the year. There are remarkable quotes for positive thinking, motivation, and inspiration. The author, master of quotes, has collected some of his inspiring words of wisdom into meaningful craft. This treasure will surely incite readers from all corners of globe. Anyone can pick up this book and learn each day of the year. There are quotes for every day so is the name Quote Me every day.

Kalwar is an author of fourteen published books entitled, “Nature God (Lulu Press, Inc. , 2008), Human behavior on the Internet (Lulu Press, Inc. , 2009), A Very First Book of Poems (Lulu Press, Inc. , 2009), …109 Quotes, 07 Poems, and a song of despair (Lulu Press, Inc. , 2009)…, 20 Love Poems and Economy Crisis (Lulu Press, Inc. , 2009), 25 Sexy Poems (Lulu Press, Inc. , 2009), Yet another book of Poems (Lulu Press, Inc. , 2009), Happening: Poems (Lulu Press, Inc. 2010), I Am Dead Man Alive (PublishAmerica Inc., 2010), You Can (Lulu Press, Inc. , 2010), An Aphrodisiac (Lulu Press, Inc. , 2010), The Warrior (Lulu Press, Inc. , 2010), Obscurity (Lulu Press, Inc. , 2010) and The Vandana and Other Poems (, 2010).

ISBN 978-1-4461-1863-4

To place orders for the book, contact: Lulu Press, Inc.


Where are you, my love?

September 26, 2010 Leave a comment

Where are you, my love?

Are you in paradise?

Milking white cow

And listening tunes of birds

Or are you in your room

Listening heavy metal

And smoking marijuana

Or are you in your library

Reading words of love, seeking

Knowledge and wisdom

Or are you in hell?

Selling your body

Satisfying unwise men

Or are you heartbroken

And trying to find me

or Someone just like me

To fulfil your aloneness

Are you near that lake?

Where we spent long hours

Fishing and reading poetry

Tell me my love

Where are you?

Maybe right now,

You are in me

I know you are in me

You are God’s divine creation

And I feel your smell

In every petals of the red flowers

And I feel your light

With every morning

When there is sunrise

And I feel your body

Every night when I go to bed

But I repeat my beloved,

Where are you?

This poem has been submitted for publication to, Linguaphobous Journal

The Day Lunatic die

September 20, 2010 Leave a comment

The Day Lunatic die
And I do not know why
Maybe he was sick
Maybe he had fully lived
And I do not know why
Everyone hated him
Everyone wanted to kill him
He died unnaturally
And nobody knew why
People regretted his death
People said, “Oh, so sad…”
Eventually, a woman arrived
And she said, “Thanks God…,
…I will bear less pain”
Suspense all over his life
And speculation all over his death
Poor lunatic finally rested
In peace
Before his departure someone said,
He wrote a piece
It read:
The day lunatic died

Featured poems in The Sound Of Poetry Review

September 15, 2010 Leave a comment

I got an e-mail today and this is what they said:

Warm greetings!
Thank you, Santosh, for your poetry submission. We are pleased to let you know that The Sound Of Poetry Review accepted your contribution, now live and ready to view.

Please enjoy reading these poems !!! Thank you and Keep Smiling !!!

Yet another poem accepted by Asphodel Madness 2.0

September 15, 2010 Leave a comment

Good news ! I think I am soon going to be a “poet”. Very funny !

The good news is that yet another poem has been accepted by Asphodel Madness 2.0, edited by Ross Vassilev

The Poem, “A never-ending song”, has been accepted and published on Asphodel Madness Journal, you may read a poem here: Thank you and Keep smiling… 🙂

you may click above… to read a poem.

Thank you and Happy Reading !