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Build ’Em and They’ll Come

October 13, 2010 Leave a comment

One comment was made for an article entitled, “Build ’Em and They’ll Come” at Nytimes.

Dear Sir,
Well, it does not matter weather it is million or billion what matters is spending. Especially in terms of research and innovation. Many Asian giants such as Singapore, Japan, Korea among others have spent hefty amount of money for research and they are still doing so. If there is no money in the research, you are bound to get no results or not so good results. The fact that entire world is running for “energy or green energy” is quite understandable since we lack them. However, by spending only on one sector cannot solve the problem. The spending should be proper and vigilant. The decisions of spending should be accountable dime by dime. Otherwise, there is no rhyme(innovation) coming from anywhere to anyplace.
Thank you !
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Alexandra Delaney’s concern with animal rights and mass killings of buffaloes and goats during Dashain is legitimate and I understand how these acts could upset a true vegetarian (“Seeing red,” Oct. 12, Page 7). However, I do not agree with her statement about Nepal being “superstitious”.

Every country has a cultural legacy and religious practices for reasons that I don’t believe fall under the category of superstition, something that a religious scholar should understand. Her concluding quote of Ghandi—“every country can be judged based on how women and animals are treated”—also includes countries in the West where there are thousands of animals killed every day, often inhumanely. Why do only developing nations have to be picked for censure?

Santosh Kalwar

Ratnanagar, Tandi, Chitwan

Published: Letter to the Editor
The Kathmandu Post
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The Latest Crisis

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In response to article entitled, “The Latest Crisis” this is my comments for it–

Dear Editor,

Please forgive my curiosity and concern. I am very much skeptical on asking question concerning, “why?”. All this is being done to capture “one man” and defeat “terrorism”. This is really good case where good guys are chasing the bad guys. To ordinary public like us, it is very doubtful question who is the good guy and who remains the bad guy. After hearing many conspiracy theories it raise little concern. However, all those spending and so called “crisis” are looking hazy and cozy.

Good luck !

Here is the link where the comment was accepted and published online.

Happy Dashain

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Press releases: Warrior of Light by Santosh Kalwar

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Lappeenranta, Finland, October 07, 2010 — New Polish Beat (small press located in pozan, Poland)  is proud to present chapbook entitled, “Warrior of Light” by Santosh Kalwar–a young Nepalese poet currently studying in Lappeenranta, Finland.

Santosh Kalwar’s “Warrior of light” chapbook is a veritable image gallery of warrior’s observations. Well structured and it has been edited by famous editor and songwriter of Poland, A.J. Kauffman, and equally well packaged as the poetic masterpiece of a soldier.

Kalwar’s voice is unique and credible, unlimited beyond the scope of any boundaries or barriers. At times, he is brilliant. Nevertheless, mostly, his verse touches deepness of soul. “These poems are great”, says an editor and publisher, Mr. Kauffman

By publishing his great and fascinating poems, Mr. Santosh Kalwar has been entitled, the First Young Nepalese Poet to publish poetry chapbook in the West.
To order book:
simply send an e-mail to editor,, indicating the title of the book. or, Visit here
See preview of book

Frog and toads

September 10, 2010 Leave a comment
In a small pond, there lived a frog and thousand of toads. The frog was the leader of all the toads and whatever the frog decides, everyone obeyed. Today, we live in the similar situation. The frogs are the politicians and the toads are all public. All the public obeys to what frog decides and says. This is not how democracy works. In democracy, a person has power to choose and decide who their politicians would be.
While reading the recent debate on Terry Jones and burning of Koran (the holy book of Allah), I think there is a big frog running the business and whatever they are saying or doing is carefully obeyed or listened by the general public.
The religion is very sensitive issue to touch and talk about. Everybody has some religion. Everyone follows one religion or another. Nevertheless, the question is not what religious beliefs or faith you are indulging yourself into; the question is why big fat politicians have to mull these issues. The ‘Islamophobia’ and ‘Chrisitianophobia’ is running the entire show on this earth.
It is extremely difficult to understand why these phobias affect deep in our society and culture. When someone is burning something; let them burn. Do not be stupid! In the end, everything will be burned and there will be nothing remaining. If someone does not understand, your religion of their own religion then let them not understand. We humans are like child asking chocolates from the God. The God is curiously watching over our actions. He knows that these humans that are fighting over smaller things like this; are not moving towards greater path. He knows that these humans are like a small babies crying for a toy or just trying to get his/her/it attention.
The ordinary public are puppets of worthless news. Do not change your actions based on what these preachers suggest you to do. Be firm on your action and do not easily believe what they say. These people are playing a bigger game that is very hard to understand by an average mind. An average mind cannot easily grasp the fact that there might just be a religious fight for forthcoming World War III.

Visit Nepal 2011

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