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October 10, 2010 Leave a comment

• You are not royal by blood, you are royal by thoughts.

• There are no words which cannot rhyme. No sorrows have crime. Let her soul twinkle and accept whatever passes in her time.

• All our ideas are absurd.

• I am going long way and I know you don’t know which ways.

• Nothing can exist without conflict. If you’re present time is without conflict, your future will be with conflict and vice versa.

• If nothing happens in life, then the time is slowly coming to an end.

• A true definition of man is not how many years he lives but how many experiences he seeds.

• In three words, I will tell you where to find true happiness. “IT’s NOT HERE.


Random thoughts

July 23, 2010 Leave a comment
  1. She is fearful that I will destroy her life but she is unaware of her own actions which has painful reactions.
  2. Enjoy your days here, do what you feel right and break any rules. There are no rules under the sun.
  3. Oh dear woman, do not feel proud of your white skin, it may burn in summer’s light.
  4. She is fearful that I will destroy her life but she is unaware of her own actions which has painful reactions.
  5. I am the king of romance and beggar of hatred.
  6. A dying lady is growing on me. She wants me to smile everyday to keep a doctor away.
  7. They say that I evolved from monkeys. I ask: where is my tail?
  8. Oh dear Friday, why don’t you come everyday? You are sweeter than Monday and sexier than Thursday.
  9. If you like someone do not forget to hug. A touch will touch deeper than ocean and words will float like a boat.
  10. Always be fearless. Walk like lion, talk like pigeons, live like elephants and love like an infant child.
  11. Remember you are here for very short stay.Give what you have got and worry not. All your treasures are hidden beneath you.Start digging now.
  12. I am enjoying the state of perfect happiness. This is so great. I am like a bird which lives without nest and does not want to rest.
  13. I don’t do drugs. I am addicted to words.
  14. Happy week-end to all beautiful souls. Enjoy your days and forget what I have said.
  15. Do not manipulate your ideas and thoughts. Let it be virgin and fresh.
  16. I got sick obsession to play with an English alphabets. I am fcuking genius.
  17. If music is food for life then please serve me everyday.
  18. I am the king of romance and beggar of hatred.
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February 9, 2009 Leave a comment


Let us go first by what our renowned dictionary has to say,
1: to endure death, pain, or distress
2: to sustain loss or damage
3: to be subject to disability or handicap


My opinion on Suffering,

Suffering is another open question where this column and my thirty minutes of work on this comment or article will not be enough to all the hungry mind of PCBR (Paulo Coelho’s Blog Readers).

Anyways, Let me give a shot on “Suffering”.

Suffering inevitable, it exits and it will never fade away. As the humanity exits so is suffering. There is no remedy to it and there is no single right answer by anyone.

We are all because of Suffering, we exits because we suffer, we are living because we have to suffer. Every morning I wake up, I start my suffering and every night before I go to bed, I die. Will you belive this? Well, this is what I am.

It does not mean that, I am speaking the what Jesus spoke long time back. I am just saying that “We all are God”. We have Jesus and Mary inside us, within us. We are made up of bones, muscles and physical entiry with eternal lives of Jesus, Mary, Buddha, Allah and all.

Those people (I am sorry since I am saying them people), those were all God since they were normal human being like us. So we are too.

Christianity speaks about Jesus being the child of God, Mohammad being child of God speaks Khoran, Ram being child of God speaks Ramayan, Buddha being child of God speaks Buddhism and similar alike.

I say to all those around me, They were not a child of God but they were God and We are too. There is no child of God but only God. We all humans are God. Sufferings exits in all of us. We cannot avoid it. Sharing suffering can loosen your burden. (Well, Please disagree with me.)

Every new idea is a disagreement, Value of exisiting being is never given by us because we do not see the importance. (Why all the fuss, when Jesus was dead after being hung up for so many days in the nail pierced hands?) Why do not people realize the his value when he was alive ?

I have my own opinion which states that, “We all are God”. I agree on all the religion and respect all what they preach. You can always disagree with me on this.

Now, Let me go to the point again on Suffering-

There is nothing called “happiness, or love, or faith, or destiny or whatever…”, Everything is written well in advance when we are in Mother’s womb.

The process of writing starts from day one till nine months. These nine months are the process of writing your own scripts. The script of your life. You write it, nobody else. You do not know it, until and unless you become concisous or awake. The real awakening could take some years like 5-7 years.

When you are awake, I mean when you realize that you are alive. How? When you can see the things around you, start to remember your house, your mother, your father, your school and your religion then from that onwards your suffering starts.

Now, there is a gap between the time you are born to the time you are awake. This gap is about “adaptablity”. You are newly born and when you are newly born you want to adapt to the environment. The environment is not aboout Nature but about your home, family, religion and so on.

This is how it works. Or, atleast this is what I think.

Now, Since you have already written your script and hidden somehwere in back of your memory you do not know what you have written. It is secret script. You cannot read it all. This implies, you do not know what you have written.

Now, what your family, brother, sister, nature, country, religion will teach is observed by you. The observation will be stored in your “human brain”. The brain decides on your daily activities. The day to day work, daily hustle and bustle of your own personal lives are because of all the observation that you have done in your lives. You keep on repeating “those stuffs” which you have been influenced by or want to make some impression to.

This is how we live in Today’s world. Then suddenly, when we want to choose some career path, it does not work out. Or let us say, when you want to become Writer, you do not become writer but you end up being painter, or let us say, when you want something then that particular thing will not come in your life. (Why?)

Is this because of suffering? Yes, why not.

Suffering is already written by you now, when you want to do something agaist your own script, that will not work out my dear friend.

Nobody is to blame, only you !

There is no heaven or hell. There is nothing after death. Nothing. Trust me on this. There is nothing after death because it will be same as before you were fully “awake”.

This is cyclic, We are born, we live and then we die then again after some gap, we are born again, we live and then we die. It is the cyclic process and it continues forever and ever.

Now, some of our brilliant mind will think-if we are born again then why don’t we remember anything from our past?

It is because when we write our script in Mother’s womb, we do the same when we are near the deathbed, Just before we are going to die- the before death period of “Nine Months”, we start to Erase everything that we wanted to do and did, being on this Earth.Our Consciousness, will fade away at that period.This is simple explanation.

Now, let me again look back to what Paulo’s question- Ok, I am sorry Christian question,
Is suffering important to get enlightenment ?
Well, for this I have already written one Newspaper Journal, you can find it here-
“Anyone can be a Gautam Buddha…”

My Mother always used to say,
Sukh-ke-sub-saathi-dukh-me-na-koi. (Plenty of friends in happiness, none in Dukh or disquietude or suffering.)

I think this is the process of life, No one wants to share Suffering because you just have to suffer your own sufferings. Nobody will help you suffer your sufferings. You are the creator of your sufferings.You just have to solve your own sufferings. It is easy. You need some time and you will figure it out that, you have solved your sufferings.

By the meanwhile, you can enjoy some videos on this topic-

Spiritual fun-

Hippie’s fun-

Free Content

December 18, 2008 Leave a comment

Free Content is the biggest question now a days. As I have read the previous comments in your blog it appears to my knowledge that, there are multiple views on free contents.

Some of the authors have pointed out that, free content is good and some says, it is bad. Some has a great idea on how technology has transferred over the period of time.

The matter of choice should be given to humans and only humans alone. The choice of either using the computer and reading the content for free or visiting the book store and buying a book is different all together.

As a author, only thing that comes in your mind is you have a very good idea and this has to come out in public. People should be aware of what is going around and what is happening around the world also how your idea is really related and how you can benefit from your “best ideas”. At the point of writing you are not thinking about marketing or collecting big revenues or even dreaming to win a Nobel Prize for your work.

The path that I am traveling has been traveled by somebody else. There are millions and billions of humans in the world. Those who are currently alive and those who are no longer. Whatever I am doing has been done already. I am constantly thinking that I am doing something new but I also have to realize that what “I” as the person am doing has already been done or is being done somewhere in some part of the world.

Well, Although technology in every day life cannot be ignored and one has to benefit from the usage of the technology. It is always a good idea to use the technology and benefit from the advantage of it. After all this is for us.

The generation that are is evolving is most of the times posting the content on the internet- let us say for example “technorati” where there are millions of contents posted every day.These blog posts and articles have thousand of great ideas but how are they really making any point? Will they really reach to the right people at right time?

To have a greater impact and greater socialization of “your ideas” it has to be used efficiently, in a proper manner.

We do not know how to make benefit or money from our work but, “Giving is the best thing we know as the writer.”

It is good idea to deliver the content for free but at the same time it is bad idea to really give everything for free.

Well, I do not agree that “beauty is free”. Beauty cannot be free simply because it is in the nature. Simplicity of the beauty is free but beauty does not lies in being free. Let me give you one example.

Let us say, you see the flower. You see this flower which is red and your personal favorite color is also red but some how you have a color blindness and you cannot see the color red. One of your very best friends come near to you and she says, Wow what a beautiful color and flower. You cannot see the particular flower but you still admire with the beauty.

Imagine now you do not have color blindness and you can see the flower. In this situation, you will see the red flower, you appreciate the beauty of that flower but you cannot have it. It is not free. It has its own life. It is an object which lives on its own. The life cycle of this beautiful red flower is with the Nature.

Similar analogy holds true with the “free content”. The content and ideas are just floating around us all the time. The matter of choice for picking up “whose” idea could be trusted depends upon the humans all around the world.

Selection should be given to people either to use free or not. However, free does not makes the content valuable and not free does not make ideas famous.

Saturday night.

November 8, 2008 Leave a comment

Here are we now, in the middle of nowhere ! A jobcuts everywhere around the globe. As the economy is going down and unemployment is getting higher. One day there will no job in this planet.

Everything will be done by machine. As the laziness sides is increasing in more general way. There will be lesser and lesser opportunity to explore. I am not generalizing but this is my point of view.

A very good Saturday to start with, there was one movie that I enjoyed and I recommend to watch you to. “The Ninth Gate (1999)”. A movie truly exceptional and one of the masterpiece.

A movie is about the book. The theme behind the movies is that, behind all book there is a story. Behind this movies also there is a story about the book. Truly exceptional and mind blowing.

To create you need creativity.

To learn you need motivation.

To admire you need study.

To think you need nothing.

To do all of these at once, you need courage.

and To not to do all of these, you need laziness in you.

How comfortable the life is, and how much more comfortable we want it to be? It depends on our logical mind. Once we think we are into the safe zone of our life, we just want to enjoy as much as comfort as possible but once we think we are in dead zone of our life, we just need to take it more seriously. We then strive for the excellence.

Nothing is far from the truth and nothing can be go beyond the truth. Everything that is done, or followed is based on the boundaries of the truth. Imagine a day, where you speak nothing but the truth. Later re-evaluate on the same subject. Did you really spoke the truth.

How about for example when you meet somebody unknown and suddenly you jump into too quickly and say, “It was my pleasure to meet you”. Did you really felt this pleasure of what you just said.

Truth is not easy to evaluate. Truth should be spoken first with yourself. Those who just want to show how “genius” they are spread it around them. And those who we remember as “genius” had kept inside of them for the years. They knew that, Truth is not the element which can be shown but is just had to be felt. Are you really speaking or saying what you meant? Did you spoke the truth today? A hour ago, …

Well, it can be elaborated and any thing can be said on this matter. Whatever it is, or whenever it might begin or start just follow and listen to what you want in life. It is the matter of the fact that, nobody comes easy. But again, it depends on how quickly you want or need them for yourself to be get it done. !

Have a great weekend ! 🙂

Have a great Weekdays !

October 6, 2008 Leave a comment

Early morning with a fear of expecting the unexpected. Many of us, wake up with the machine making us wake up. How many of us wake up naturally and do our activities ? As the life is moving in faster lane, people are ruled by machine. Our normal morning life is controlled by smaller tiny mechanical alarm.

This alarm is built by us for our comfort but try it rising up early in the morning without it. You will then realize the fact that, you cannot wake up as the way you want to, you cannot control yourself how can you think of taking control of others ?

Together with the advancement of technology, there are loads of negative effects rapidly climbing. There are times when we would easily make the decision, there are times when we would easily do what we wanted to do, there were times when your voices were heard in the crowd. Today, if you see- every body wants to make some point. Simply observe, you will find people making arguments and discussion over the things which are merely useless.

First lesson of living a life, is to control your life. Now, to control your life you need to control your mind, behavior, attitudes, taste and many more attributes which might look useless but are necessary. These attributes are useful elements for the life to work as we want it them to work.

When you want to do something, please do. When you want to think that, whatever you are doing will result in bad or good or you may look as if you are stupid. Then you will not do what you wanted to do.

Somebody has rightly said that, “To do is to be”. You are being, when you are doing. The result is the not important. The path taken to reach to the destination is important. Take for example, a life. A normal human life is born, then it grows and slowly it starts observing the essential elements around it. It starts to learn, earn and sustain its life. A life knows that, there is an end but it is not worried about the end. Since all other life living in this planet must have to reach to an end.

Walking to the end path, together is important. Sharing what you have gained with those who have not is important. Living your own life is important but more important is when you can dedicate some part of it, with others.

These moral lessons might be useful to start a busy, fast moving and to fight with hustle and bustle of this weekdays.

To end this article here is the quote of the day-

“Getting lost together can also enable you to find yourselves together.”

Have a great weekdays and hope to see you waking up next morning without that machine!

Monday again.

September 29, 2008 Leave a comment

Today Monday again sucks and it has really bought something that I was expecting a long back. One of my final exams was left which could have resulted in great success but I have to see the failure then the success.

I do not believe must in astrology but I have to some times. Is it my mind which is always stating that in my life there will be no good thing happening on Monday or is it just the Monday itself? Why do I have to go through this, most of the times?

Failure is the ladder of success but where this ladder is and where is the success. Many people are worried about the failure then the success. For example my life and me. I am worried about the failure in my life and I am worried about it because I do not know when I will be able to find the success. I still have some courses to finish and I do not know when I am going to finish these courses? Will it take time before I will be able to finish these courses or will it be not finished for ever?

What will happen if I am not able to finish them? I am also visiting to Helsinki. The first city of Finland. I am visiting to work. I have to sign a contract on Tuesday. It is on the 30th of September. Most probably, the last day of this month.

If I see the entire month, the month of the September is the time when I was born, it was in the early week and later in the last day of the September I am going to sign a contract for the period of three months. Right now, I am in the train writing this article on what is going to happen next in my life.

Last year, I was encouraged by the Lyra in Finland; I got the first prize for the content creation by the Lyra. I was very excited and happy. Those days, when I first landed to Finland and seeing my life today gives an impression that, life travels very quickly. It brings loads of surprises and gifts to you. It creates memories and these memories are very cheerful memories. We meet different people and these different people teach us different things in life.

Today, I have much work which I have to handle. The day when I came- I was searching for the work. I happens to all of us that, we are always searching for the work and when we get the one we think that, we do not now want to work. Money is the only thing that is important to most of the people but money never can bring smile, money never can bring comfortableness or money will never bring the pleasure or happiness.

I remember couple of days ago, I was just walking down a streets and I saw a very nice kid. The kid carried by her mother and the child turned back at me and smiled. I was so happy to see a child smiling back at me. I do not know what the connection was or what made a child to turn back at me and smile. The smile was so pleasant and cheerful that it cannot be explained. It has to be felt. He again turned back and smiled. We shared a pleasant smile to each other. I do not know why he smiled but I knew why I did.

There are many lessons we can learn in life and as the day progress, we learn from our surrounding, nature, people and visiting many places but inside us we are “one” and “small child”.
Who am I?

I feel as if, I am one, alone and single.
I feel as if I have a small kid inside me.

I am a boy who wants to be cared
I am a son who has been taken care

I am a husband with heart full of love
I am a father, with support and blessings.

I am different person with every birthday I celebrate

I feel I am nobody
But again, I think am I someone to somebody?

The feeling of smile of a child, keeps me alive.
The day I wanted to kill myself-reminds me what is life?

I do not know what will happen next in my life
I am the one who is not waiting for tomorrow

But I am living for this moment, only because
This is mine.

I can laugh, smile and cry at the same time in this moment.
I know what I am doing,
I might be nobody, but there is someone who reminds me
I am somebody

Am I so valuable to that very someone?
Or Am I living to give.

I am open, as an open book.
I am the creation- of the creator in creation.

Am I nobody or Am I somebody to someone?