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Build ’Em and They’ll Come

October 13, 2010 Leave a comment

One comment was made for an article entitled, “Build ’Em and They’ll Come” at Nytimes.

Dear Sir,
Well, it does not matter weather it is million or billion what matters is spending. Especially in terms of research and innovation. Many Asian giants such as Singapore, Japan, Korea among others have spent hefty amount of money for research and they are still doing so. If there is no money in the research, you are bound to get no results or not so good results. The fact that entire world is running for “energy or green energy” is quite understandable since we lack them. However, by spending only on one sector cannot solve the problem. The spending should be proper and vigilant. The decisions of spending should be accountable dime by dime. Otherwise, there is no rhyme(innovation) coming from anywhere to anyplace.
Thank you !
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The world economic crisis as I see it

October 6, 2009 Leave a comment

The world economic crisis as I see it differs from past crises in that it is based on entirely new set of conditions, due to rapid progress in the method of production. The world alarming economic difficulties of the present day has resulted into hopeless confusion of opinions among the economic experts. What I have to say is nothing new and do not pretend to be anything more than the opinion of a simple and honest man who, unburdened by any national prejudices, desires nothing but the good of humanity and harmonious peaceful sustainable place of human existence. The way I am expressing myself does not proceed neither from unwarranted self-confidence nor a belief in the infallibility of my simple intellectual conceptions of problems which in reality are very complex.

Today, with the advent of computers and Internet technology, only a fraction of the available human labor in the world is needed. Under free economic scenarios this fact is bound to lead unemployment. How many of us not seek to get well-paid jobs? But, the majority of people are compelled to work for the minimum wage on which life can be supported. The number of fall in sales and profit for the industries had led to lay-off their workers. Business has gone smash, which has further increased unemployment. More recently, in United States alone the unemployment has hit 9.8% which presumably has decreased the level of confidence in industries and banks. When a cheap labor can be outsourced to developing countries like India, Nepal and Bangladesh, why any industries will hire the high wage paid worker in their own land? This has lead to unemployment in developed world. In near Foreseeable future, will affect developing world. The crises has also been attributed to other causes which could be-

1. Over production: The production is so much great that it has exceeded the demand. (e.g. models of mobile phones) This perhaps also applies to motor-cars in the United States which has led to collapse big auto-industry such as General Motors. By the virtue of this, it is not the demand that is lacking but the power of consumers to buy the products.

2. Political insecurity: The political in security has resulted in wars. The present Afghan-war against terrorism by United States and its allies. The political instability is not only in America but everywhere. Our own country is one good example where no constitution has been written till date.

3. Heath issue: The swine flu pandemic, which has reached to level 6- highly dangerous stage for viral infection of mankind. The number of HIV and Cancer diseases spreading especially in developing world and elsewhere.

I do not want to weary the reader by enumerating further contentions. Of one thing I feel certain: this technical progress which, in itself, might relieve mankind of a great part of the labor necessary to its subsistence is the principal cause of our present day problems. The logical and simple solutions for resolving the crisis is balanced and planned economy in which the consumption and production of goods are distributed by the communities.

Press Releases: "25 Sexy Poems"

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Mr.Santosh Kalwar has yet another book lined up in his new project entitle, “25 Sexy Poems” published by, This is the Sixth book/e-book written by Mr. Kalwar.

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Here is the complete press-release.

Mybheja congratulates the author of the book !

Press Releases:"20 Love Poems and the economy crisis"

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Mr.Santosh Kalwar has yet another book lined up in his new project entitle, “20 Love Poems and the economy crisis” published by, This is the fifth book written by Mr. Kalwar.

Currently, The book is free to download in an free e-book version from publisher

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Here is the complete press-release.

Mybheja congratulates the author of the book !

I tell you the truth.

February 19, 2009 1 comment

“I tell you the truth”, said Jesus in many of Gospels of John, and Matthews. Do you believe that whatever, Jesus said is correct? Was he really speaking the truth. One of the believe that we have is that, Jesus is the son of God. He performed many miracles and showed that the miracles performed were by the grace of the God. The Father wanted him to perform the miracles and help to those who needed the most.

Anyways, During those times too- People did not believe in him and why should they really believe? Despite some miracles, there were not so magical about the world which could have been transformed into heaven. Those who will follow Jesus will go with him in the Kingdom of the heave and those who will not follow his footsteps will go in hell or nowhere.

When the person says, “I tell you the truth”. He is then not saying you the truth but manipulating the truth. Those who seek to tell the truth never says, “I tell you the truth”.  Why should some one say, I tell you the truth so many times? The repetition of this sentence is little scary in many of the Christian Gospels or the Scriptures.

Truth is love and love is truth. There is nothing above the truth and beyond the truth. Truth starts with trust in humans and ends with giving and taking of happiness or help or healing. Those who tell you the truth can easily be trusted and should also give you help without anything in return.

You have every rights to not believe me or not to follow me. Why should you agree with me? Please disagree and I do not have any objections if you disagree.

Every religion is the same. Those who follow one single religion  loves the differences and wants to promote or market their own religion over other. Or, (May be some of them do that.)

Anyways, Religion should be such that- it should combine or unite the people not divide the people of the world. Look around yourselves, so many religion and so many gurus.  Sometimes, I think if I were a God and would have taken human form of life, would these people or religion or sect ever have realized and given my words a value? Who will believe then if I stand up tall and say, “I am God and You all have God within you”.

But who cares? God is not going to give you a job, will he? God is not going to take care of your babies neither will he find you a suitable bride or groom. So, all of your problems are your own and you have to solve them alone. By solving and showing off that you can perform miracles, you do not become God. You have to heal not one or two individuals but the entire world.

Where is Jesus or Shiva or Allah now? Are they hiding somewhere because they are too afraid of Economy Slowdown? Or, Global Crisis? When would they come out and show us that, They can make one single peaceful planet called- Earth.

Sometimes, I feel pity on those who believe in only one country, one religion, one caste, one culture, one women, one family and one. Simply because, when you think about one then you are creating difference when it comes to other.

There is nothing in the world called One, there is always Two and with this two, there exits the difference. The difference comes when we have more than one. Often, it is very good and nice to know and have differences in society, culture, country, race and religion.

Where there is good, there is bad and where there is bad there is good. Humans are just humans either it is Jesus, Allah or Shiva or anybody else who claims to be God. They are just humans as we are. Nobody else.  (Please do not believe if you do not want.)

Praying to them in search of hope is what we all do, I would recommend to those who pray, do it to yourself. You are the God and either you believe or not, you have written your “script of life”.

Well, when you were in Mother’s womb for 9 months, See during that time, you wrote your script of life. This script of life you wrote and you hide it with your own self when you came into existence in Earth. I mean, when you were physically born in Earth, you hide your script of life. Look, Clever you are.

Why? Because, you are scared if your script of life will be read by others, because, you are scared to live a boring life. You want excitement, don’t you? How would you feel nice when you can easily know what is going to come the very next moment? Therefore, it is all you. You were the one who put it somewhere hidden from your own consciousness.

Now, when you are awake, you learn, earn, gain, acquire knowledge which are just useful but not merely important because you will loose them when you will leave your own life.

Anyways, there is no God, no sects, no religion and no guru. Everything is within you and you are the creator, destroyer and healer of your own destiny, faith, love and relationships.

Your disagreement is accepted.

Good day !


January 16, 2009 2 comments


M =Manifestation, Mirror, Manual, More, Make up, Mechanics, Music
I= Image, Imagination, Imagine,
R= Reflection, Rainbow
R= Ray, Rays,
O= Organization, Orientation, Overflow, Omnipresent
R=Road, Road path

A wikipedia definition

“gnitirw rorrim si sihT. evisnepxe era seadI.”
(Read from opposite, this way of writing is called Mirror Writing.)

OK, After reading many definitions by various authors and contributors I think my ideas are not so different than others but I would put it this way–

Mirror is self image, it is the reflection of your own body. The body which is physical could be seen with the help of the Mirror. Many religion and scriptures defines Mirror as the reflection of Soul but I think this is not true.

If a person can see the soul why can not he control his mind?

A person who can control him mind can only see himself/herself as a Soul, no human at present is perfectly capable of controlling of soul and viewing them as in the Mirror.
(I know there will be many eyebrows shown when I write like this)

Soul according to religion or some religion exits and they can be seen from the Mirror.

I believe human are not always alone. They are together with another human in them. We are seen as a single body but we are in two or dual body. One body is seen physically and another body is reflection. This another body which is invisible, not physical and totally pure.
(We cannot accept this fact because there are no scientific evidences and right now I do not have proofs or any experiment conducted to show this but I think this is what happens around our human body.)

Why do our image is visible in the mirror?
Is it because of the mirror itself or is it because of our physical body?

Most of the times- Mirrors are women’s best friend. Very few Men associated themselves with Mirror.

Women are the ones who do Makeups, breakups and show off in the Mirror. To admire oneself, see the mirror and bless yourself that you are the creation of the creator for curator.

Life is amazing and different, life is our perception and thinking but reflection of our thinking does not easily show off in the mirror. Mirror gives us smile. It also gives us pleasure of being intelligent animal in the planet. Mirror tells our story at that time.

Mirror is not only the reflection of our physical body but it also shows the reflection of another body inside us which remains pure, vivid and invisible.

"True love allows each person to follow his or her own path, aware that doing so can never drive them apart."

January 7, 2009 Leave a comment

Finding a path in itself is fresh and true. Love is another phenomenon which cannot be described or interpreted. It is the fresh beauty which has no definition.

Love is mysterious feelings of an individual. It has no beginning and no end. Finding a path or landing upon a right path depends on the beauty a person sees or the potential the person sees in himself/herself.

Eternal beauty is priceless and the love is priceless too. There is constant struggle to achieve it in human lives but it will never be occupied or be achieved. The freshness of the early morning beauty cannot be achieved. It shows how every day is fresh and beautiful.

Sex, lust are not love and will not be the entry point of the love. These are physiological needs just like eating or drinking.

A person in love does not want anything and a person in love does not want to hesitate to give anything. This is eternal unconditional being.

A being which cannot be measured but can be shared with any object around.

Love could result into right path or even a wrong path. The discovery of the person to find his/her path depends solely on the person itself and his love.

See the beauty on the small child face who smiles more than Adults. See the early morning sun rise, see the love of mother when she is feeding her child from her breast. See it and feel how beautiful those moments are. These are all results of unconditional love.

A love of women by a men is different. This love has a feeling, this love has desires and lust or sex involved. Love could be without sex but the relationship then will break apart. or even will lead to breakage to some extent.

In past we have learned a love of Romeo and Juliet, and likes of other great lovers. But love today what we are showing and doing is different in many cases that I have seen. Every love that we perceive does not end up in the right land or path. Those who think that love could result into the right path it is because, the person has understood the beauty of love better than anything else.

Human desires never end, it has no beginning and no end. Love to me by special some one might be different then the love to others by their special some one. Love is never a finding since we all are searching for love. The true destination of love would be found when one day we will wake up and cherish the moments spend together with this special some one, because she might just be beside you. Sleeping like a child-close and together like never before. Her face as fresh of early morning rose will enlighten your spirit in pleasure and show you the day to work hard or ever harder.

Good day !