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The Latest Crisis

October 13, 2010 Leave a comment

In response to article entitled, “The Latest Crisis” this is my comments for it–

Dear Editor,

Please forgive my curiosity and concern. I am very much skeptical on asking question concerning, “why?”. All this is being done to capture “one man” and defeat “terrorism”. This is really good case where good guys are chasing the bad guys. To ordinary public like us, it is very doubtful question who is the good guy and who remains the bad guy. After hearing many conspiracy theories it raise little concern. However, all those spending and so called “crisis” are looking hazy and cozy.

Good luck !

Here is the link where the comment was accepted and published online.


Falling wage

May 4, 2009 Leave a comment

In response to article published in Nytimes on title, “Falling Wage Syndrome” by PAUL KRUGMAN, here is what Mybheja has to say-


With all due respect, your article is very interesting and nicely informative.

Yes people are suffering because of wages cut and high competition on the job market is one reason behind such decline. There is always a chance of expecting the unexpected when it comes to present job crisis. As you said, “saving” is the best option which normally people are looking at.

At this current downturn of not and bots, What matters most is protecting what matters. Be it a Job or Health (Swine Flue..,)

Being Stranger, I cannot argue if America is going to become like Japan in case of wages decline but I think America is truly a great nation which always can come back to its originality. I personally like America since you have shown us how to “build” and “create”.

You have very optimistic and confidence president, with proper advisers and proper plans, I hope the decline in wages will not flatter the entire economy.

Personally I think that, mostly this decline is because of “outsourcing”, the more you send your work outside of your country especially in developed countries like India etc., in cheaper wages, the less your people will be recruited.

The companies always look for lower wages workers and higher sales. Because of such strategy, the work is being transmitted to cheaper workers in developing world.

Although, a lot research and brilliant thoughts could be put on this issue. I would like to stop by quoting Martin Luther King, “All progress is precarious, and the solution of one problem brings us face to face with another problem. “

Save Nepal

January 16, 2009 Leave a comment

What is going on in our country? As an ordinary Nepali citizen, I am afraid that in the future there will be no adults left in our country. Why would anyone want to stay in Nepal when it cannot even fulfill the basic needs of its citizens namely electricity (16 hours load-shedding today; 24 hours tomorrow?), clean drinking water, security, employment, transportation. It seems that all political parties are only for power, not for the welfare of the people. I wish I was the prime minister of Nepal. I would have rather died trying to improve people’s lives than further depriving them of their basic needs.

Published: The Kathmandu Post
Letter to the Editor

Can culture change anything ?

November 23, 2008 1 comment

Here is one article that I wrote of Paulo’s blog. The question is “Do you think that culture can change anything in this world?”

Good question Paulo,

Culture a word which is used to describe people, language, places, events, festivals, country, religion, behavior, and most importantly boundary.

Why I said, “boundary” ? I am saying boundary because, culture is bounded by certain region or let us say-it has some space which describes above elements in more confined ways.

Let me come back to your question of- Can culture change anything ? When I see this question, I have many things in my mind which describes if these many things will be able to change by the definition of culture that I just gave.

“Culture”, If you deeply see the letters of the word then you will have some idea about the name given to this word. Take more deeper look for a moment and see if you can see the letters of these words- does it make any sense to you ?

OK, Now here is the twist- “C” of the culture is for the change. Human beings from several hundreds years of the civilization has gone through many changes. Only thing that is permanent in this entire world is change, Without change there is nothing in the world. If we stop the change, we will stop our civilization.

Now let me take you more deeper on to this letter of “C”, C is for creativity, C is also for Computers, C is for circumstances, C is also for commitment, C is for change, C is also for cultivation, C is for civilization, C is also for country, C is for comment, C is also for Clock !

The idea behind explaining the letter C with the many different words is just because, these words are inter-related. Just put these words in a paper and try to link them together. We are sure to get the answers of your question.

The answer is yes. Culture has changed and it will change many things that are unknown to us. One example would be- President-elect Barack Obama, who being an African-American is not the president of United States. The main vision of his campaign was not anything else then-”Change”, Yes we can !

If a country like United States of America, can change then any country can change based on the culture. Culture is for change. It comes with different taste which becomes the taste of our tounge.

Let me explain why ? For example How about eating the same food for more than a week ? How will you feel after eating the same food again and again time after time. What will you then you do ? If you have to do these for more than 5 years of your life then will you able to survive ? What if, in this circumstances somebody comes and says to you that, “Hello sir, will you like a change in your food?”.

If you have not been sick then ofcourse, you will receive this gift from that very person who just came and offered you the different food.

Therefore, Culture is same in that respect. Culture is made just for the change. Nothing else. !

Trip to Estonia.

September 12, 2008 1 comment

There was a written statement about me yesterday that I have been writing most of the times the hypothetical concepts but I do not care about it. Yesterday was a good day with exciting thing to do. First and foremost, We planned to visit Estonia. A city which is close to Finland. A city very small and very peaceful.

Journey is what we like. A Journey with friends, and smile all around. A journey with silence and in those silence there are loads of lesson learning process all the time. We started our jouney early in the morning at around 3am. The darkness was there and we were driving four guys from our city to the capital of Finland, Helsinki. Thanks to our friend “Teemu” who stood brave and took a decision of driving both the ways around.

We reached very early in the Helsinki port and it was nice to feel early morning cold breeze with pleasant smell of fresh air.

We started to move to the “Ekeraline”, a ship name which was cost effective and which was there for us to take to Estonia. It was nice ship and a very pleasant trip. Initially, as there is always a feeling of sleeping in early morning it did not distub our feelings and we went on.
We were welcomed on board and the ship started to move slowly in the Ocean.

It was the time to take the breakfast and we had a buffet in the ship which was very cheap only 10 Euro per person. As food is necessary to survive we did not had a choice and we started our breakfast.

It was very funny experience that it took 3 attempts to full our tummy. There were three rounds of food being tasted and I thought that was much more for the entire day. The breakfast was very heavy and then the fun part started with cracking jokes and having fun, smiling and sharing good experiences and so on.

We started to move around the city, took a very cheap beer in the restaurant which was only 5 Euro per person. Acutally it was not cheap in that particular resturant. I asked one lady in one small stall to take a picture with me and she refused. I do not why but she said, “Buy something from my shop and then I will allow you to take the picture”.

There were two perspectives to measure, one from my side and next from the lady’s side. From my side- it was bad because, I thought there is nothing wrong if she could have said yes and I would have shared some moments with her,nothing else.

From her perspective, she wanted something to sell and she thought the profit in two ways, one she will ask me to buy something and next she will even give me the pleasure of being with her in the picture.

I did not gave a second thought on what she asked. As a typical Finns would have done. I said nothing too and we moved our ways to see other part of Estonia.

Some of my friend said that she was a Russian lady, and they are always desiring for money and can give anything for money. I do not think so, but to some extent yes.

Again I asked myself,can money buy everything in world ? Can we buy love, happiness and those things which we cannot usually get but the moments creates them, can we really buy a women from around anywhere in the world for money ?

That question is left to readers, you decide if it is really possible for to buy everything from money. After such wise thinking we headed to see other part of the city. There were big malls, fancy shops and many more exciting church. We visited some of them which were free.

It was memorable journey all the way. Finally it was time to come back home and we bought the many many cases of the beers, wine, whiskey and vodka.

Later, the journey we took has to come to end. While we were coming we saw some good ladies in the ship who were close to us. Some of them were looking to me as if I am some druggist or as I am some weired guy coming from some unknown forest.

It does not matter as long as you matter to yourself.

Finally the tour of one day to Estonia ended up with nice cool feelings of the place and the people in Estonia.

We had a nice journey all along.

I wish love.

September 2, 2008 Leave a comment

Teej festival is celebrated in our country with the women fasting entire day without even taking the glass of water. When a husband says,”drink water” then a women is suppose to drink the water in the afternoon. What if the husband does not says anything. Will the women wait entire night just for the drop of the water ? Will she be able to resist the festival or should she follow her desire of thirst and quench it at that moment ?

Is the fear of death greater than the affection towards the other person ? Is it because one has to give everything for the other people. How long can we stay in a day without eating anything. For 3hours, 6 hours or even 10 hours; it does not matter how long you can stay without eating most important thing is how long you can wait for some one who is not in front of your eyes ? If I was a women it would have really been difficult for me to stay that long period without even drinking from the day till the evening.

I wish love, I wish that love is similarly present in every flow of our blood. I wish I can also wait for some one to say, “drink water honey”. And after hearing some one drinks water on behalf of your words. Wow, Isn’t it amazing that some one can stay longer for entire day without drinking. I wish I had such love too.

We always have to be satisfied with what we do have and always have to feel happy with what we do not have. This we call as the life.

I wish love.
I wish in my blood.
I wish in my ears.
I wish in my lips.

I wish love.
I wish it in my breath.
I wish she hears.

I wish she says,
I wish love.

Not in my ears
In breath I take,
Every morning I wake,
I wish love

Assembly in Finland

August 1, 2008 Leave a comment

Assembly has a great meaning in itself. It is the meeting places or some sorts of meeting acquaintances where loads of people join this big event and make it a grand sucess. These people they perform a loads of interesting things by making fine arts, building cool games, playing poker or doing loads of extreme graphic program or even just simply creating a cool web pages.

Being a Microsoft Student Partner has loads of benefit. One we get the VIP acess to the stand and next you are not checked by any securities or any camera do not follow you. You get a cool just in front of the big huge giant screen.

The event is huge sucess every year. All the crazy finns all across the city come and join the this event. All these people are very much interested into the technology stuffs and they make this event a huge sucess. One of the fasicnating thing about the event is that, most of the people are really cool in desingning or making a cool stuffs out of box.

One of the official from the Microsoft just told me that, soon Microsoft is launching one cool Photosynth program for all the users world wide. This photosynth is huge sucess already and it can take a lot of information from anywhere in the image. It can give loads of information, it can not only give the information but also give minor of the information from the picture.

Right now it is around 11:40 pm in the night and I am watching a extreme graphics program that is been displayed in front of the huge screen. These stuffs are very interesting. If you plan to come to finland please do come to visit the Assembly during this season.

There are loads of stuff happening, you just got to see where …