About Religion

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In this very short essay, I will try to define what religion is. I do not know what religion is. I am trying to interpret the message linguistically. Let us imagine that, “reli+gion=religion”. The dissection of these two terms should mean something. The suffix is ‘gion’ that might mean the path of guiding principles. Let us assume that it means some path and the doorway of that path. In short, religion is a path towards greater morals and greater life.
Back in the Stone Age, people were very simple. They knew not the tips and tricks of today’s society. Everybody was in win-win situation. Therefore, some wise intellectuals among those communities and groups formed some morals based on truth. They might have given such morals the name of religion. As part of our evolutionary process, the younger generation became more intellectual and the older generation became outdated. The wide range of gap between intellectuals of future seeking men march on to form group and the other outdated group formed another group. If we would imagine that these two groups became two different religions then we can see present generation with lots of religion.
Every religion should be in the favor of humanity. If any religion is not in the favor of humanity then that religion will collapse automatically. As news and media bombard us, there are many debate and crap stories about religion. We talk a lot about Hindu, Christian, Jews, and Muslim religion. It is not the matter of faith or believes to seek or suggest which religion is better or worse but it is the matter of our sorting out intolerant behavior with tolerance.
The core difference between two highs does not make one low. Each and everything that we do, think and perform is based on one religion or another. Our daily habit is a religion. Our daily behavior is another religion. Our daily lives of doing this and that could give rise to one religion. Religion is not only based on the virtue of God or gods. We cannot change anything if we cannot change our thinking. We need to re-think, re-consider, and re-evaluate the morals of our very religious societies.
Let us imagine that God is watching and he is supreme commander and chief of all the religions that we humans have created on this blue planet. Let us imagine that he is watching our daily activities, if by chance he would ever consider visiting this land. He would laugh-out-loud at our childish games as if a father laughs when child seeks for toys. Anyways, it does not matter what we do and what we think about religion because in his/her/it eyes, everything remains the same. God listens through the atomic door of love. We just need to keep that door open with love. Otherwise, we might just kill each other someday for absolutely nothing. Stop fighting and start loving.

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