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I am not majoring in Democracy and Social science but I would like to provide you some pointers on why democracy is not suitable in our country. First democracy has been established in the notion of free society, freedom, and liberty. Everybody has rights to say and do good deeds under the law. It has many advantages but each advantage also comes along with disadvantages. When there is more number of parties and everyone is willing to show that they are the best ones, it becomes extremely difficult for ordinary people to judge that one is best for us. We choose Maoist party but what happen to them. They seem to fall and rise and they are not stable enough in their own rights. Similarly, the other parties are not very trustful. In our Nepalese society, an autocratic rule works well. Now, I can see some eyebrows raised. This is because under one rule and regime, it would be easy to dictate and govern people.

However, I personally do not recommend our autocrats to come back in power but I do want some ‘Hitler’ to rise and take control of our deteriorating situation in the country. We Nepalese are better intellectuals, far more wise and hard-workers than others are, aren’t we? The only difference is that we listen more to our hearts and we do our deeds with our minds. Someone can easily take advantage of us. While dealing with political parties we need to use our mind not our hearts and besides there is always, “bhaigiri” in our Nepalese society. He is brother of this political leaders so listen to him and she is daughter of another great political leader thus, give her some position and so on. Until and unless this “bhaigiri” will not be eradicated from our society, I cannot imagine our Nepalese society to turn upside-down. It will remain the same. You can take a note on this but it will always remain the same. The change can happen only if we can change our minds.
There are many good and educated people in the society. How many of those educated men are given safety, security, and well-paid jobs. How many of marginalized women are taken care of. How many of government employees are not corrupted? How many of service men and women in uniform are faithful and to what extent? How many of us would not lean in front of money when given a huge sum? Let us ask ourselves these questions. We have been cursed by sati and we will remain cursed nation if we will not change our mind. Is there anyone who is listening?
I am sorry to pinpoint some of the truths but democracy is not suitable simply because everyone is saying unnecessary stuffs and it is extremely hard to listen to them. It is not suitable because everyone has equal rights of speech and personal freedom and no one is willing to live under common law. It is not suitable because there is very less people who even knows what democracy is and is not. There are only talks, shows, and events that are useless. There is only a showcase done on behalf of politicians that also seems useless. How many of these politicians are not inclined towards India and Indian politics. It has become a general discussion forum in the Nepalese society today that all these politicians are working under the supervision of India and Indian politics. Everyone knows it but nobody wants to talk about it. It is simply because these politicians are well fed and well paid. These are the people are trusted by public but they have disappointed each one of us. They have not had any PM elected after so many rounds of election. Are we going towards failed politics? Nobody has to remind that we are already failed state in terms of education, civil rights, safety, and security. The engine of our nation has been seized by corrupt politicians and corrupt democratic system. If the same patterns of activities are to be continued then we are bound to look stupid. Maybe we are already.
The pitfalls of democracy are that in our society, it cannot and will not govern the society in any case.
The reasons are:
1.      The public has rights to do whatever they want whenever they want in whichever situation they want.
2.      The politicians and their neighbourhood are corrupt.
3.      There is no fear of working towards greater goal by the diplomats and leaders; everyone is working for their own self-interest.
4.      100 years from now, those who are alive today will not be alive and it will not make any difference which political system a country has or had; what will make difference is what we did when we were in power.
5.      No country can progress if majority of their leaders do not want progress.
These democratically disadvantages might not be suitable enough to change our political system. However, I wish I can someday wake up in peaceful and corrupt-less Nepal and I know you wish the same, don’t you?.
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