Random thoughts

September 2, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments
1.      Never in history Finland was without sauna and the present generation is too lazy to live without it.
2.      The words that I echo tonight will be the words of our ancestors; upon there grave as I stand up and deliver their names.
3.      Everything and everybody is governing something and somebody.
4.      If a friend to me is friend to all then a friend to all is not a friend to me.
5.      If poetry was ever to be understood, wouldn’t it be called poetry, would it?
6.      We come here / for some purpose / and whatever that might be; let us sort out / our differences / our ancestors has piled them behind.
7.      If I am not well and you are well then where is an oil in the well ?
8.      We are all great thinkers but not great lovers. Romanticism floats like a waves in an ocean but idealism sinks at rock bottom.
9.      I am fully satisfied with my life, let me sing you, the last song tonight.
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