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How to Impress Your Professor?

Your professor is your guide, mentor and friend. He is your only guru who will give you and your work, a nice ride. He will take care of your research and evaluate your work every time. Alright, let me stop writing nice words about professors. They are busiest people in the world.
Some even claim to be too busy when they are not. Therefore, you should understand that they do not have enough time for your research. However, they will be extremely happy when you will show them results. They really love results.
By the way, do not forget to give them credit in each and every work you perform. Even if they have no time and energy to provide you any ‘input’ for your work, you just have to ‘add their names in publication and other results’. So, keep this in mind that you must credit them for no reason. Not all the professor(s) are ‘spin head’, some of them are extremely good and they provide good evaluation of your work.
Alright! My essay on ‘how to impress’; let us say, there are few points you should take into account.
1. Always show more than you really do: This simply means to present yourself as an active student even if you remain passive at your workplace.
2. Always ‘butter’ them: By ‘buttering’, you can get close to your professors. Try to hang-out with them, play games and visit public places; become more personal towards them. The more personal friend you become; there is better chance that you will get positive treatment at your work place.
3. Lie more: Yes, the more you lie to your professor the better impact you will have on them. If they will give you some work and you are not ready yet to complete it; just lie and say that you are sick or something.
4. Print more material: Print lot of references and put it in your work table. When professor visits at your workplace( at rare occasion they will eventually) show to them that you are working extremely hard to solve your research problem.
5. Make Library: This is similar to point 4. Get books from library and arrange at your shelve. This will show that you are busy reading lot of books.
Now, you are ready to impress your professor! Good luck!

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Santosh_Kalwar


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