They say men are from Mars and women from Venus, but the fact is they both have to co-exist on Earth. Where do you think men and women fail in understanding the other gender? How do you think can they meet mid-point in a relationship?
The central idea of Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus is absurd. Philosophically, it is true that these dual beings are different and there is no point in magnifying the differences. The so called, “elites” and “wise” people whom we address as, “they” are most of the times either marketing their product or idea in the mass market. In the core level of relationship: mutual agreement, compromise and balancing act matters most. There is no difference in one single variable. The difference exits when there is two. The failure of understanding comes not from one side but from both the sides. Men think Women are mysterious whereas women think men are mysterious. In general, nobody ever has understood women simply because women are not a creature which can be understood but an instrument of love. These two meet only for the common interest. When they have some common goal to be achieved they meet. The common goal could be: dreams, career, life long togetherness and so on. However, whatever has been or written about women in literature, art and movies will be said afterwards. The world is changing and so is the relationship climate in different places and countries. Some wise man once said, “To love is easy, to be in relationship is extremely difficult.” Maybe the wise man is right. 
Thank you !

Categories: 2010, kalwar, philosophy
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