Why Finland?

First and foremost, I am grateful to the owner and CEO of this website who have given me an opportunity to jot downs few pointers for those who have decided to pursue academic career in the country of ‘fifty thousand lakes’. Well, welcome!
My article is entitled, “Why Finland?” Despite so many countries and  highly acclaimed professional institution in the world, you have decided to visit Finland (Tervetuloa—welcome in Finnish).
There are always two sides of the coin. Let me discuss some positive side of visiting Finland. In my opinion, you have made very good choice simply because there is no hurdle for paying tution fee.  While studying many students find extremely difficult to maintain work and life balance and when you get free education then you do not feel too much burden in your shoulder.
If you are a person who likes the Nature, then you are far more then welcome. You will defintely love this place. An extreme showcase of the Nature is displayed only in the Finland. I can rest assure you that if you haven’t found the God yet, you will discover only in Finland.

The ‘beautiful lakes’ and the ‘silence’ are two great combinations. Early morning, when the sun rises from the East and the light of the sun falls in the Finnish lakes, it feels as if you are living in the heaven while you are on the earth.
Okay, I may sound too poetic now. Let me tell you some bitter facts. As a International student, don’t expect too much. It is not an easy task to visit foreign country and study. However, it is good practice and every one highly recommends it nowadays. One must share the diverse cultural background and the experience which are vital for human existence. One simple fact is about jobs. It is not easy as it is not easy in ecomonically downtrodden soceity. Today, each and every country is facing this problem and Finland is no different. Many Finns are having difficulties to get back to work so don’t expect too quickly to get a highly qualified jobs. If you are lucky then you may discover some ‘orthodox jobs’ such as cleaning and paper delivery among others.
Let me come back to the topic, so you have chosen to visit this beautiful and peaceful land. Let us do some fact check, very recently the Newsweek magazine rated Finland as the number one country in the world.  Among 100 countries around the globe, the magazine analyzed and declared that Finland is the best. Many factors were taken into account for such analysis such as quality of life, quantity of life, ‘economic dynamism’, ‘political environment’, ‘education’ and ‘healthcare’. But don’t be baffled by what newspaper and magazine has to say. These days they print whatever they want. This doesn’t mean that I am suspecting their ranking, this simply means that you should better come and experience for yourself. There are lots of problems created by humans for the humans and the solutions are dew yet.
The problems of discrimination, racial problems and ‘internal or external conflict’ are everywhere. The least you may experience in some places and more; in another. If you are popping up from Asian Sub continent(Nepal, India, Bangaladesh, Srilanka etc) then please do your homework for great ‘cultural shock’. If you happen to visit from Europe then probably, you may experience some extremes but with minor changes in the climate among other things. If you are visiting from America and similar places, then you may discover lot of similarities with your own country.
Finland is riding high not only world’s number one country but also on ‘the planet’s best food security’ country. The food is good. In Finland, don’t forget to experience Finnish food mostly potatoes (Peruna in Finnish).
Alright, Let’s come back again to topic, “why Finland?” There are lot of good things you may do and you should do while you are in Finland and there are lot of bad things you got to know before coming to Finland. Therefore, I recommend you should use ‘Google brother’; it knows lot of things which we don’t know, in our era of the ‘digital change’.
Learn about your instituion; your professor; your visiting city and develop habit of reading.  Once you have done quality background check then surely you will encounter lesser suprises. Otherwise, it would be extremely difficult to visit any places or country. And do not forget to share your expriences with friends and family. With social media on rise, I don’t have to tell this anymore.
The Bill gates vision for ‘information at fingertips’ has come alive. Each one of has information at our fingertips but quality information can only be found at rare places. Hence,  the most important lessons for student like you and me; BE TRUTHFUL.
In summary, its your choice and nobody has rights to judge on your personal choice. Not even the God/gods! If you have chosen to visit/study/live in the Finland then there are lot of empty places here to be filled. Let me share with you what one professor used to say while, I was in my school. “You will never know what you are doing until and unless you have done it.” Therefore, write your own story from Finland.

Acknowledgement: This article was first published in NepalFinland

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