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Should We Manipulate Our Dreams?

A comment on Should We Manipulate Our Dreams?

“Normal dreams are normally unpleasant.”

Dear Sir,

I am so lazy to read after the first lines of what you have written here. Let me tell you why. First of all I can write 1000 pages of text on why “normal dreams are NOT normally unpleasant” and many of my contemporaries will do the same.

I am really sorry but I hope that I am not being offensive about your insights. I am also sorry for my poor delivery of English in this ‘small comment box’ I don’t get paid for putting my ideas by NYTimes and I don’t do re-writing. So, let me get back to the first statement on why normal dreams are NOT unpleasant.

Let us assume that Mr. A is a normal guy and he lives in normal world and he has normal life. The usage of word: ‘normal’ is simply pointing to an ordinary life. When Mr. A is normal guy then it is not necessary that he also lives normal life. Well, to some extent he is bounded to live and sustain normal life but it not a predicament that he must live a normal life.

Therefore, When Mr. A is not living normal life then
Mr. A can live either abnormal life or Mr. A can live an extraordinary life.

The point is: Not all normal dreams are unpleasant.

To clarify please think about this:

Mr. A lives normal life then he must either dream normally or abnormally. If he dreams normally then he has greater chance of being rather pleasant than unpleasant. I think this is simple mathematics. If he dreams abnormally then he has greater chance of being rather unpleasant than pleasant.

Whatever be the case, I do not agree that all normal dreams are normally unpleasant.

The reasons are:

1. Normal dreams are manifestation of everyday reality.
2. What we dream is either for our future or is about things happening in the present.
3. Our consciousness and unconsciousness theory are outdated which needs to be re-written.

Anyways, I clearly understand the point you guys are trying to make for ‘manipulation of dreams’ and I think this is very much possible. I know how…

Thank you for bearing these texts with me.

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