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Few thoughts of the day

1. Sometimes, even THE GOD can go mad.

2. I can provide you more wisdom than your HOLY scriptures but you haven’t understood it yet.All your theism and non-theism talks are useless.

3. I like to play with an English alphabets. It is similar to, a women’s ornament. Man will never know how to use it and women will waste it.

4. We haven’t understood the psychology of human mind. If we can then we will but we never will.

5. Enjoy every bit of your life to the fullest. Your compromises and sacrifices will be rewarded.

6. I maybe born through a biological process but I choose to come into being and I will go without informing.

7. The ultimate goal of science and religion is to discover potentials of truth.

8. The fools among us are presented to be wise and the wise among us are presented to be fools.

9. The theory of everything is the theory of nothing.

10. If we are interrelated with one another via thoughts and ideas then we are in virtual relationship with outer cosmos.

11. Everywhere I go and everyone I see have problems. All form of species have problem tag attached to them.

12. Being bored does not mean one cannot do anything. Being bored simply means: Need for change.

13. Everybody is searching for something which is not here.

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