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The summer joy

Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day?
Thou art more lovely and more temperate:
                                               -William Shakespeare,
                                                  The Sonnets, XVIII(18)

When Shakespeare wrote these lines in his collection of The Sonnets, he must have touched the hearts of his readers. As I am Shakespearean myself, I love the melodies of words and the passion. Looking deeper to dig the treasure behind these two lines, here Shakespeare compare his art as lovely and profound as the days in the summer.
    Unlike Shakespeare’s justification for his love and the summer, I would assume it has also negative impacts on the lives of human beings all around the world. The summer heat and the sweating body are very normal. With an immense increase in body temperature, it can cause serious illness. As the mercury is increasing in all the corners of globe there is no doubt skin burn, headache, diarrhea and sickness might increase if not taken proper diets or needful care.
    Most of the times, I am traveling from one country to another and while journeying, I feel the summer heat getting up into my throat.
   Especially in Northern Europe, the winter lasts long and the summer season is not very long. You know what? People in these parts of the world take ‘Vitamin D’ tablets as they lack the heat from the Sun or especially during winter times. So, it is apparent that people living there do not get required amount of heat for the body. On the one hand the winter is cold, windy and frustrating, on the other hand, summer heat brings pleasure, delight and fun. The summer heat that the sun brings is pleasant. In the East, as most of us fall in the middle of the equator on the earth, we are fortunate enough to experience the summer heat for long.
   Summer provides one of the best occasions to mingle, laugh, play and smile around.
    Undoubtedly, in every country the summer is the warmest season and days are longer and nights are shorter. On the one hand we have to take precaution not to let sun harm us. On the other hand, we have to enjoy the smiling sun somehow.

Published: Republica, 12 July, 2010
Vol. II No. 080, page 04

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