Paul-the octopus

Paul-the octopus is covered in all the major newspaper media. Everybody knows by now that the famous Octopus has predicted that Spain will the world cup. I don’t understand why there is so much of hype going on in the media.
Yes, it is true that the prediction game played by Octopus is worthy of notice and whenever prediction has become true, people have started to belive in the octopus. Newspaper industry run on the basis of what people want to read and current happenings all over the world. Therefore, I don’t want to blame neither newspaper industry nor general people.
In my opinion, nothing can be trusted fully. We are overdosed by information around us. If you can’t find any single bit of information, you know where to look for. Majority of us will use–  ‘Google dai’ to search for the information but Google has its own problems. Similar case applies to other online and print media.  Sometimes, I feel that it is a media which runs the society, not the other way around.
The write-ups about Paul-the octopus shows that people just want to believe on something. On one hand, whoever wins the worldcup match, a history will be written. On the other hand, if the prediction happens to be true, then large number of people will believe in Mr. Paul-the octopus.
Nobody is perfect and in my opinion neither animal nor human beings are perfect. For example, with every pencil comes, a eraser. If to err is a human and just-in-case, our famous anchestor octopus fails then what should it be called, “to err is an animal” ….?
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