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Santosh Kalwar’s Twelfth Book, Entitled "The Warrior," is Published

In his new book, entitled, “The Warrior,” a young Nepalese poet from Chitwan, Nepal has published collection of twenty-five poems on war.

Lappeenranta, Finland, June 22, 2010 –(PR.com)– Lulu Press, Inc. is proud to present “The Warrior” by Santosh Kalwar from Lappeenranta, Finland.

The Warrior is a collection of twenty-five delicate war poems. The book describes many aspects of warrior’s life. In some poems, author maintains an ironic tone. The simplicity of individual words may be elusive. In some poems author belittles the role of the poet. He has voiced his opinion about war by writing poem against war. The first poem tells about man’s intention to slaughter contemporary man, a feeling of anger and frustration. Poem 2 questions on warrior’s death. Poem 3 and poem 4, describes a death of warrior’s life. Similarly, poems 5 and 6 deals with types of war and selfless desire to live an ordinary warrior’s life, while 7 and 8 describes story of two warrior boys and urges for change. In short, these poems may be very simple but they may also appear to be most outstanding and poignant poems on war.

Santosh Kalwar is an author of eleven published books entitled, “Nature God (2008), Human behavior on the Internet (2009), A Very First Book of Poems (2009), …109 Quotes, 07 Poems, and a song of despair (2009)…, 20 Love Poems and Economy Crisis (2009), 25 Sexy Poems (2009), Yet another book of Poems (2009), Happening: Poems (2010), I Am Dead Man Alive (2010), You Can (2010) and An Aphrodisiac (2010).

Santosh Kalwar is studying at Lappeenranta University of Technology, Lappeenranta, Finland. He loves reading and writing poetry. For further information about the writer, please visit his website at kalwar.com.np

ISBN 978-1-4457-9131-9

To place orders for the book, contact: Lulu Press, Inc.

URL: lulu.com/product/paperback/the-warrior/11394843

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