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Goodbyes, I can’t say

I feel so sad
so sad that I feel
as if I am that
empty vessel
without water

you left me
and I know
I am not alone

there are millions
whose angel leave
them, too;

but my curious heart
asks: why?

maybe, you never loved
me as I did.

maybe, you never wanted
the satisfaction
and happiness
I would have shared with you
but you will miss.

Anyways, my angel
good luck with you life
good luck with your new life

may god give you utmost
happiness and satisfaction
but I know you will not get

every time you will be sad
or feel depressed you will miss

Unfortunately, I will miss not

What I used to share with you
will… I may share with
somebody else. But I still don’t know
who that very someone is.
and it is pity to know the fact
that it will not be you.

Well, Dickens was right
when he said:
“Even a greatest man
has poor relationship…”

I don’t know if I am
greatest but I think
I am Man…

Man- strong, muscular,

I don’t know

why don’t people think
by stepping in someone else’s
shoes before committing…


I am sorry…

I know the fact it is not good
idea to ask why in society.

The answer to question
such as: why lies in heart
not in the mind.

Poorly heart sleep
and sleep forever

you see:
no body needs you…

may god bless her

I do not want to see
sun rising from West anymore…

We will meet somewhere
behind that Sun

but it will be in this
universe in some other form
in some other context

nobody else will know
except you and me

what you did to me
and how am I feeling
for you

you must feel it too…

if you haven’t already,
my sweetest angel

but you were


“even the greatest
man … has poor

For you:
Goodbye is easy
to say…

For me:

I can’t say !

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