Very Happening

Everyday there is something happening all over the world. People are finding love and people are losing love. Somebody is betraying his best friend for women and somebody is depressed or frustrated over something.

Our political leaders are sitting in hotels making laws and policies for the country, aren’t they? There is crisis or conflict everywhere. The million dollar question is not what is happening, but why are these things happening? Every morning when I wake up and read sad and melancholic news, I feel that there is some kind of conspiracy going on around the world.

Some news and media are trustworthy and some are not. It is apparent that not all the news media are right and fully truthful. Some events and news are “made-up stories”. Some are not.

With the penetration of the Internet, the contents cannot be easily trusted. How can an ordinary man assume something to be truthful? It is a very complex world that we all live in now. It apparently appears that a life without conflict is no life.We all are born and we all have to die someday, but nobody is interested in such stories. If there is nothing happening and there are no interesting stories to read about they do not fascinate anyone, do they?

To live fully, we have to do something and while doing something these conflicts or crisis are aroused. There can be many types of crisis: inner crisis, outer crisis and other types of crisis. I am no conflict expert and I do not claim to be able to solve all the miseries that are happening in the world. My inner conflicts are more important to me than outer conflicts. The other day I met a friend who asked, “How to solve these conflicts?” “First of all it is important to solve the inner conflicts, then only can we solve outer conflicts”, I said.

I would rather assume there are three types of things happening in around the world. These are: creation, conflicts and destruction. Firstly, we are created by the creator and then there are conflicts and finally, the destroyer is responsible for the end.

It is similar to Hindu beliefs where Brahma is God of Creation, Vishnu is Lord of Love and Mahesh is responsible the destroyer. Somewhere in this blue planet, something just happened, as you read this “very happening article”. May God bless our souls!

Published: The Himalayan Times
Editorial Column: Topics, Page 08

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