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“A World Environment Day”

This day,
that day,
my day or your day

but today
as they say

is “a world environment

so, what you gonna

clean your bathtubs,
kitchen, room
bed room and unknown rooms

why to do something
on that very day?

and not


the way you are making
love with her

is not bearing
any fruit
at all.

you are raping
her by throwing
wastes and chopping
trees in her forest.

please stop!

I said, “Please stop!”


I know

you dump-ass will not follow–

stop raping an environment

because someday you will
feel the sorrow

What truth is nobody knows
and what I know I will reveal

this day, that day, today
and tomorrow

is long gone
and today
will be new yesterday.

There are thousand forums
and so many non-sense
talks, preaching stories
about what happened
and why it happened.

why don’t you listen?
someday, she will rape
you instead
and make you feel
really stupid.

your existence is to love
and love is all what we

to save her, everyday!

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