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Before and After

Before and After

A cycle of life
travels along the time

It makes a journey
with a beginning of sun rise

It travels along the coast of universe
meeting, talking, writing, speaking
thinking, creating, singing and
many “ing” suffixes in words…

After being for a while
it wants to take rest

and goes back

goes back to the time

from the time where

once it started

it just wants to take rest…

it leaves the body
and soul departs…

it departs from the cloth which once it was wearing

finally, it goes to “memory-tomb”

and in there, it forgets everything it once did

during those period of time and when it stayed

for a while

like 69, 72, 75 … years

after forgetting,

it takes any other form based on “karma”

in its new form,
it will not remember anything

the cycle repeats


until someday

it reaches to thee;


God bless you all !

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