Remember me,
When I am long gone into the woods,
Into the darkness of unnamed island,
Where no one humanly blooms,
Remember me without sadness
The way I touched you,
Will never, ever come back!

Remember me, when you will miss, the elegance
Of the man, the way I walked into your house,
In small village, journeying,
Just to get your glimpse, and smell your hair
Or, to share a kiss for a moment
That never lasted so long.

Remember me, when you will be all left alone
And there will be no man near your arms,
Remember me when someone else will
Try to make you laugh, the way I did,
May bring you, such delight, o my life!

I know you will say that:
“You will not remember me”
But, I know, My Rosemary darling,
That love is in, no man’s land.

So, when I will be long gone in that much unknown land,
With no one left behind to wipe your tears
Or, make you smile
And kiss you in your deep blue eyes
Please, remember me

Without grief, in you’re humanly life
As time flows with the sky

Remember me, as I will always remember you
In every moments,
Which I will spend without you!

© 2010 by  Santosh Kalwar

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