Puzzling long hair

I always loved my long hair simply because I believe that hair is like an ornament of man’s mind, as diamonds are a girl’s best friend. Every man’s hair determines his personality. However, in eastern societies hardly anyone accepts long hair. If someone has long hair, they will presume that a normal educated and intelligent guy is a ‘Hero’ or ‘Dada’ or ‘Gunda’.

Once I had to attend a job interview in a reputed Internet company in Kathmandu. I was surprised when an interviewer said, “Before I accept you as an employee in our organization, please cut your long hair.” I was in a dilemma. However, I had to get rid of my long hair in order to secure a job in the reputed Internet company. Sadly for me, I lost my lovely long hair.

It seems that people evaluate you based on your looks and appearances. Today, my appearance looks as they would like me to look. Short hair, most of the people believe is a smart and trendy look, but it depends on different type of faces. Short hair suits some and long hair others.

I believe that there are three step processes for things which are in or around us.

In the first step, we either buy an object or we just learn to live with those objects within us (long hair, six fingers, seven toes etc). In the second step, we either leave them or destroy them and, in my case, I had to destroy it. I had to get rid of my long hair in order to get a proper job and in the final step, we either pray that the new object/things which will fascinate us will appear to us or grow within us. ( I am praying that I will have long hair again but it will take some time).

I do not know why I am making these theoretical assumptions. Maybe, they are for grief for losing the lovely long hair I once had. The hair, mouth, nose, ears and lips are the main parts of human faces. Everything in our body is a part of our body, and  they make up part of our personality. If we cannot love our body, how are we supposed to love ourselves and then others?

Published: The Himalayan Times
Op-Ed: Topix

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