Desire and Misery

I am writing this with reference to the article by Arun Gupto ”Miseries of a nation: Desire” (April 14). I liked the way the writer has gathered data on ‘desire’ but  I am little skeptical about how desires would lead to misery. The conclusion of the article looks inspiring when one talks about the epic story of our religion. It is true that many of our politicians harbor a great desire to rule our nation but hardly anyone has become successful. As a writer, I would probably understand your expression.
It is obvious that there are many ways to look at the same things. Writers and scholars have great imaginative powers but politicians are not so imaginative. They do what they are told to do. However, it is not desire or power alone which will make us successful and happy because it is important for each Nepali to bear the burdens of carrying our actions themselves.
It is the desire of each Nepali politicians to rule the nation and become decision makers. They should also pay heed to the public because whatever our leaders desire will affect us too.
Santosh Kalwar
Published: Republica
Letters to the Editor/Your Say
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