My name is Khan

We all have choices and differences. The types of clothes we wear; the taste of different kinds of food and the different variety of movies that we watch. See, there is ‘differences’ of taste it also seems that there is ‘difference’ in how we perceive things.

Recently, I came across the movie named, “My name is Khan”. The movie itself has lot of ideas and message for the general people. However, the core idea suggests not all Muslims in World should be perceived as a terrorist. In general, it is very obvious that, neither any religious fate nor any spiritual dogma is above humanity.

From our ancestral times, we humans have divided ourselves into many religious faith and ethnicity. We also have divided the world as East, West, North and South. These divisions have side affect. After post 9/11 many of those people who has faith in ‘Islam’ has been seen as a possible terrorist in West. There are hundreds and thousands of sad stories and articles solely written for that particular event. The world is now divided into AC (After Christ), BC (Before Christ) and before or after 9/11.

It is shocking, isn’t it? When I visualize my own past memory by pressing the ‘back’ button, I am in 2001 AD. Then, I remembered this scary event, when I was on my ways to school in a bus and one of the nearby passenger said, “Twin tower collapsed in America”. And another man was gossiping and saying, “Osama bin laden seems to be bigger and larger than America, itself.”
As said in the movie, “In this world, there are two kinds of people: good and bad”. The good people do well but the bad people are the ones who use ‘religion’ and ‘politics’ to ‘make a match out of nothing’.

But after 9/11, the way, people in West perceived “Islam” in general was not good, as suggested in the movie. Moreover, one friend of mine, from America was suggesting, “Forget Islam, if they see black or brown looking face, the white folks think these people are all Muslims.” Wonder why?

Many of us worry about our past or future but the life itself is dramatically changing with the major events.(for example 9/11, Haiti Disaster etc) It is very obvious that, no religion can give us the ‘pills’ to survive the death.

Neither any scientific advancement can inject the ‘death pills’ either. The ultimate truth lies on how we behave to fellow human beings. The common purpose of human existence should never be judged by what kind of religious practices, they preach or what kind of color of the skin, they possess or which place they come from, east, west, north and south but on very simple phenomenon of who they really are and how they behave in society or community, in general.

One wise man once said, “Always remember, humanity is above any religion, sect, country or faith.”

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