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The Valentine’s Day also called as St. Valentine’s Day is the day when lovers express their love. To my utmost surprise, I am little confused, how am I going to celebrate this special day? As commonly said, “I am single ready to mingle”.

I am poor and lonely who do not have any girl friend or wife. That is not the whole part of the story.  Do you know that I am not even famous since Wikipedia under my name defines the biography as, “This article may not meet the general notability guideline?” I know I am not famous and I do not want to, maybe that is one reason why I am still single.

Under extreme condition of cold windy winter of Finland, I am sitting on my couch and thinking: “What should I do during Valentine’s Day?” Suddenly ‘somebody inside me’ suggests that I should call all my friends and relatives around the world and express them my gratitude for being part of me. But on the contrary, other half of the ‘very somebody inside me’ suggests that I should find someone beautiful just to love me.

Sometimes, I hear the voices inside me saying, “Your days are coming soon, so love yourself more each passing day.”  However, my idiotic mind is against that very someone inside me and rather it suggests me to go drinking whiskey or smoking cigarette or to visit red, blue or white streets.

Most of the times, it seems that one always falls prey of the mind and do not listen to the voices that come from deep inside.  However, whatever be the reason, I am still thinking how would I spend my valentine’s day?

Once, one beautiful angel used to love me, but she gave up the “so called” relationship on the Valentine’s Day, simply because I did not belong to her “caste”. Then couple of years later, another girl found me interesting, and it was again on the same Day, I was dumped by her. Poor Me!

After these sad experiences, it is no surprise that, Valentine’s Day has become an important day to me. You see, I keep on losing love. On every new Valentine’s Day, my heart is broken and I have to suffer extremely.

This valentine’s day, I do not want to suffer. I will not start a new relationship since relationships are meant to be broken. I will not visit any red, blue or white streets either, since those streets do not have my name written on them. I will not drink or smoke to rectify my feelings. Above all, I will just be alone.

Some wise man has said, “Aloneness is the first lesson of love.” Maybe, I should learn from my mistakes and rather be alone. I had my heart broken into pieces but now I would like to mend them and put them back where it belongs, once again, on this Valentine’s Day. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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