Mr. Mad Man

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Once upon a time there was very young handsome man. He was handsome but everybody called him, “Mad”.  He had lot of sentiments and emotion. One night, he was sitting on the top of the terrace, he was very lonely and he asked, “God, Why am I here?” God did not reply anything to him. He felt very sad. Later after few years, he completed his studies and started to search for jobs. He asked again to god, “God, why I don’t get job?” Again, God did not say anything. Later after few years, he felt in love with a beautiful young girl. But after few years, girl left him. He was again sad and asked god, “God, what did I do wrong that she left me?” This time also God did not said anything.

Few years passed and he started to realize that there is no God. He started to write against God. In one of his book he wrote, “God is Dog and Dog is God.” Those people who liked God hated him but those who do not like god, loved him.
One day he heard the news that the girl who left him all alone got married and has a kid. He started to buy new toys and gifts for the kid. Since he has lot of emotions attached to him, he could not stop doing that. Eventually, he had lot of toys and gifts of the kid. He tried a lot to meet the girl but girl always refused.
Everybody started to make fun of him and in the town where he lived, people said, “This guy is mad, he is so sick.” He didn’t felt anything of anyone what they were saying to him.
One day while he was sleeping. Some strange but very lovely lady came to him. He asked, “Who are you?” She said, “I am no one and I don’t have any name.” The handsome man then replied, “Why are you here?” She said, “I want to take you to the place where God is, you wanted to talk with him, don’t you?” He said, “Yes, I wanna!”
The beautiful lady and the handsome guy went to meet the God.
Finally, he met God and asked, “Why did you call me?” God replied, “I didn’t call you, you were calling me so many times, I am sorry handsome man but every individual on earth has to suffer simply because we sent them to learn some lessons.”
God continued…
“Well, but don’t worry, I know that you have lost love, you have lost job, you have lost so many things, but now I have special gift for you.”
Handsome man said, “Wow, what is it?”
God said, “It is all those things that you lost in Earth. Do you want them back?”
Handsome man paused for a while and started to think ….
Finally he said, “No, I don’t want anything that I have lost because all those things were my lessons to be learned out of “so called life.”
Next morning, handsome man was found dead in his bed. All of his friends, relative and strangers took him to grave. They buried him and on his tombstone it reads,
Mr. Mad man
1600-1672 AD
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