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Love you, always !

December 31, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

Dear all,

-We are the energy in motion, like a stars shining high above the sky, it look same from different sides.

-May God bless you for being part of this soul as friends, enemy or any other names.

Love you

I will love you if you will love me.
or, even if you will hate me.

They didn’t teach me the word, “hate”;
They send me to love someone,
who looks like me, instead.

I am the energy which moves with you.

I am you and you are in me.

We became friends, here or anywhere.
We were friends long time before thee;

The Selection was already made.

They say, “Everything is fair in love and war”;

Yes, “Everything is fair in Friendship and Hate”;

So, the love can be part of friendship and,

The War can be part of hate;

whatever it be, let it be for the same.

Please do not forget, to love this day.

This day, I am with you;

and, forever, I will be with you, always.

The calendar says, “its a last day of 2009”;

So, let me take an opportunity to bless,

you all divines.

Let me stand on the soldier of giant,

and say, “Happy New Year”,

For prosperous and peaceful life, ahead.


God blesses you !

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