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3 + 1 IDOTS

December 25, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

“सारि उम्र हम मर मर के जिलिये, एक पल तो हम को जिने दो”

3 young souls, traveled an adventurous journey
Trek through the mountains, trek through tough journey
Oh, I am so sorry, one critic’s soul joined
This very long journey

On dated 25th December, we so called idiots
Took huge steps, jumped into Finnish lake
Home made, old traditional theater
Was shining, our technological innovation

We left everything besides
No more stress, anxiety, ego, hatred
Of any kind
As it has been said, “all is well”

3+1 young soul’s heart
Fully entertained, almost three hour journey of
Life in vision of past, present or future
The art was spectacular, it just went so faster

Before anything could be said or heard
Our three hours of adventures journey came to no end
Life is all about listening to heart, as wise man said
Nobody knows unknown future ahead
But the memories we shared
Might be of smaller instant
But it was a courageous act

One sad heart of idiot soul said,
“We may no longer reverse engineer those moments
But the wishes, hope and good fortune to rest of all souls”

Friendship helps, the place so lonely
And cold frustrating weather
Makes easily souls depressed

As it has been said in the art,
“Education should be for excellence”
All young 3+1 idiots, laughed a lot

“सारि उम्र हम मर मर के जिलिये, एक पल तो हम को जिने दो”

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