Opportunity Vs. Losses

December 22, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

Dear all,

I was just thinking past few days that life is all about making choices.

On one hand we have opportunity and on the other hand we have losses. If the losses are more than the opportunity than the human can feel sad, depressed and many more. If the opportunity is more than the losses than human will feel joy, pleased, overwhelmed and many more.


What if the human has to decide between opportunity and losses?

Why is then it becomes important that one has to listen to heart instead of mind and make decisions.

The answer is very simple,

Because Heart is never wrong. It takes us in the path of destiny.


I am here now deciding between opportunity and losses, little confused, tired and frustrated.

Should I choose to give up something for something more important?

This literally means, who is right- Mr. Heart or Mr. Mind?

Maybe, Mr. Mind is thinking short term but Mr. Heart always thinks long term. So, the answer is Mr. Heart is always right.

I do not know much about the dreams so I ain’t got any answer to that. It is very obvious that “why” is rather very unimportant question if you are in the path of your dreams.

Let me give you few additional lines to rejoice-

-Life is all about making choices: important vs. very important.

-Dreams are deep visions just like a depth of lover’s love in search for his/her love.

-The question is never asked by Mr. Heart or Ms. Heart, the question is asked only by Mr. Mind or Ms. Mind

-Who is right and who is wrong, let us not decide that in search of dreams, my lord
Love is the sound of music in heart
let us be solid like rock
untouched and unmoved by any extreme difficulties
as the dreamer we are, dream is we

-As Christmas is coming, wish your dreams will be running along the stream of river, life is simply like flowing river and may your opportunities exceed losses in the life full of hope.

God bless you all !

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