Younger or older?

November 9, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

Dear all,

Younger or older?

Maybe you want to live young forever,
for family, society and everybody

But time waits for none
like a flowing river never runs

the cycle of life continues to flow
no one can stop it
all that we know

why are we sad if we have to grow old
let us have fun without showing
our body
even though, it might look like shot gun

gym for physical fitness is good
over gym is for fools

when you have to leave your body behind
who cares if it is no longer conscious

life is about not showing
if you are fat, thin, small, big
poor and ugly
life is about giving
even though you look poor and ugly

fortunates are those who are born healthy
unfortunates are those who think
someone is unhealthy

no man is healthy except his thinking
we are once young, then older
then we become again, a child
cycle continues till we are alive

society sucks in many ways
rules are all made to be broken

no one has rights to judge you
you can see yourself in mirror
which reflects only you

life is about learning and giving
all we have to do is enjoy our living

let us stop this unhealthy poem
which does not rhyme neither
makes commits any crime

be healthy pals,
be healthy

not only physical
but also mentally

he healthy folks and keep your spirit
stars shines when you smile
it is not how you are build
it is how you are building

just look back and enjoy
every bits of it

be healthy pals
be healthy


God bless you all !

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