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Some weired thoughts….

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Simplicity has no complexity. More complex we become the more difficult and higher the impact in on everything surrounding our lives. Let me give you an example of what the above statement means. For e.g. In early civilization of human species, we were uneducated, underdeveloped, technology-less, uncivilized and without any society or any great leaders. I am talking about long before the Bible evolved or time evolved. Or any scripture ever written evolved. We were just a group of people or cavemens and cavewomens, living a very happy and simple life. Slowly, our needs became higher and we started to become more selfish. We then selected our leaders among our society. The leader got praised and he worked for our well-beings. Later, we created “values for exchange” which is today called “money”. Slowly and steadly, we evolved into a society where we created religions, laws, rules and many things which resulted into many sins. The human evolution has many stories written on this kind of evolution. Many of the stories are still hidden and unknown to public knowledge. Simply because, if everything the public will know now, they will like to live forever. There are mysteries for many stupid question for which we do not know the answers. For example, why do we exist and many more…these mysteries are kept hidden because once we will discover them we will not want to enter inside the “system of earth”. The system of earth is the entrance to suffering, pain and sorrow as well as happiness, pleasure and delight. The system of earth works on duality. The duality in a sense, where there is something right, there will be wrong and vice versa. There are two major reproductive body either in animal or human beings such as male or female and few related exceptions. The truth that when we are born, we have to die is absolutely true and no one can deny it. But just try to deny it for some period of time and then you will see that your death is coming very near you. It is because, once you are denying that you want to live, then you will start to loose living. The point is, the more you expect something out of life, the lesser you will get and the less you will expect something to happen to you, the more you will get. This last hypothesis work perfectly fine. Just try it and you will see the results for yourselves. I am not claiming anything here but I am just trying to tell you the fact that, never expect anything from life and the most important thing in human life is being satisfied without criticizing any body or anyone. Just be satisfied with what you have and what you will get. Be it your partner, or your job or your bank account or anything else. Once you will be satisfied with what you have, you are ought to receive more from the universal forces. But once you are not satisfied with what you get, you will climb the ladders and may get hall of fame but you will not be feeling inner peace or find so called taboo term happiness. Happiness is not the result from your material world, happiness comes from the inner peace of you.

Even after you death, you will still exist in the universe in forms of some object. You still have life in different forms and format but nobody who will be living around you will recognize you, the most funniest part, you will know that you existed in some way or another but you will have different form. Let us say, for example, your soul goes into a soul of sparrow. What happens then, you will have your soul inside a sparrow but nobody around you will give a damn attention to you. You still will exist but nobody will care about you so much….this is how the cycle of human life works….don’t worry about what is going to happen in your life….just be satisfied with what you have in your hands and the day will come to you,,, the day which will take you from “system of earth”. I know this is little difficult to understand but it will be easy if you will try to understand yourself much more better way…..how many times a day you watch yourself in a mirror, just watch it everyday….and see deeper inside your soul you will get all these answers written…..be happy….

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