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Dec 12, 2012- World never ends or will it?

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A Google hit of the keyword results into 38,100,000 hits for the term. Many experts believe that the world is going to end on this particular day. What do you believe? Is there an end of world? Many religion, many faith have predicted that end of world is coming soon. Then if so, what will cause this- Will our enemy will be technology? Or, Science and Faith or, War of religion Or, Just nothing

The end of time is near says Mayhem Prophecies. In their books they have pointed out the world will start new age. Scattered around the jungles of Southern America, a race of prophecies are present over more than three thousand years. There prediction has seemed to be very accurate till date. Many reports has from their calendar has pointed out the destruction of the mankind- an end of the world in December 12, 2012. We know now that everybody is born in different date and that date will predict who you will become. Most of such prediction is accurate and they are precise. Again, this is the matter of faith and believes.

In science, we believe in gravity- where object with mass attract one another. In my simple stupid definition of term anti-gravity if an object with mass goes upwards without any attraction of any kind that is called anti-gravity. But is this possible that without being attracted that we will go upwards rather than being balanced by force of gravity? What happens to the theory of Newton and those alike then? Law of gravity needs to be modified? I think if we are pulled by the power of forces. Maybe that is why when we are dead, we will become stars. (This is simple explanation of life after death) Nobody till date will tell you that we become stars after the death simply because nobody knows or have imagined such stupid concept. But anyways, let me get back to the main point here- what will happen in 2012?

Calendar priest will predict what will happen in 400-500 in future. Predictions and Prophecies speak about many such predictions during our existence in this mother earth. For example, in1988, California will be in ocean but that did happen. But what will happen and what will not just nobody knows. According to Jewish knowledge, they seek to understand more about the nature of time. Nobody actually knows how time came out of the existence. Every individual and community has their own time and calendar. For example: Hindus, Christians, Mayhems, Chinese, and many more. But who is right and who is wrong is different ball game altogether.

The most fundamental aspects of human lives have been “Relationships”. Everything is in need. When you don’t realize everything is sacred and everything should be respectful. Then why would Nature realize about you and care about you. When you don’t care about the Mother Nature, why would Mother Nature care about you? When you don’t respect your institution, why would your own institution, speak for you? Man should be punished by Nature.

I can smell the fear in many human, I can feel the fear in me too, I can feel the sense of urgency and the fear of extinction but to be honest, I don’t know what will happen, I only know what I am going to do today, what are my priorities today, what is there for tomorrow, nobody knows. Not even God, not even Time, not even any religion, or calendar or any spiritual gurus.

I know that future is unpredictable and unimaginable, the future is not to foresees and imagine but to tell the horrifying stories. What is the world ends today and not tomorrow? Sometimes I do feel that world never existed, and I am in some kind of dream land where I don’t know what I am doing and working on. Sometimes it feels as if I am in my imagination even though I am alive and real. This is the beauty of human mind. When we don’t know who created the world, we have no rights to tell who will destroy the world. When we don’t know who was first to arrive in this world, we have no rights to speak about the end of world. The idea is based on one simple philosophy, “when you cannot make somebody smile, please don’t make them cry, when you can make somebody smile, you have the rights to make them cry.”

What will cause and who is right or wrong and if world will end or starts. All these questions are questionable. Let me suggest to live for today. Think today is the last day of your life, tomorrow nobody knows and nobody has got it right. When you can live for today to fullest, who cares about what will happen tomorrow, isn’t it? What will be, will be.

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