Who is God?

October 13, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

God is not HE or SHE or IT.
God is God.
A Mysterious body existing in every human unknowingly.
A good side of every creature on this planet.
Feminine side or Masculine side is just our conceptions
The fact is, no Tom, Dick and Harry knows about HIM/HER/IT
A cosmic energy which revolves beyond our imagination.
God is our discovery of unknown
God does not only live in duality (0 or 1, male or female or…)
He possibly lives in singularity (Seeing everything as good)
There is no good side or bad side of god
He is us and we are him
He live in each of our voice and he speak the language of love
Ask a child who will smile at you without any reason
talk with priest he will give thousand stupid lessons
The fact is there is no side of GOD
there is only one side of HIM/HER/IT
that side is called “LOVE”

God bless you all !

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