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Goodbye and goodbye beloved

Thank you so much for making me feel worry,
Unexpectedly, you betrayed me, finally
You are the worst thing that has ever happened in my life,
Now, I thank you for killing a simple human being, like me

Hmm…, good luck with your new life, your new friend-
Why should I mattered to you, when I had all my life just you
All of my desires and dreams are shattered,
Now, you have given me pain as my food and tears as my drink,
Why should you care?

When I am sick and I will never learn how to get well,
May you go in paradise, may you have god’s great children’s,
May god give you all what you have desired!
I am alone, as I was alone

But I will never have any one, not at least you
I have those golden memories with me,
I will see them with my heart when I will need you,
Goodbye and goodbye beloved,

I know what pain is when I am so sensitive to walk in rain,
Well, this was written May-be, who wants to live forever
You are free as you always were,
I am walking free as I always was,
I will not go from your memory,

Even if I will die tonight,
Someday, I will rise and teach you how much pain I was feeling all that night

Goodbye and goodbye
Goodbye and goodbye beloved

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