Nobody gives damn

September 29, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

Nobody gives damn about anything in this world,
Everybody is either buying or selling,
Friends are smiling without being very open,
Love is shining without being physically near,
Parents are helping thinking for future gain,
Life has become miserable suffering all nights and days

Nothing is permanent and nothing will last long,
Today, as my conscious are present,
Every dog will laugh when he is near or far away,
Tomorrow when I am gone, this is what they will say-
“he was good or he was bad”,
I will listen what these ass fuckers will say,
But I will remain silent and invisible as gay,
Only thing, I will do at that time
Will take my revenge by making what these fucking conscious human say’s,
Coincidence, this can happen only when unknown invisible will do something
To living conscious human being which might go in pain

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