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Some parents oppose obama speech to students

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In response to the article published on Nytimes on title,”Some Parents Oppose Obama Speech to Students“, here is what mybheja has to say-

Mr. President might be doing too much of socialist activities like giving speech for students to encorage and stay in school. But I think, he should more focus on the bigger issues of resolving extremisim and terrorism rather than doing self help.

One cannot deny that encouraging activities should always be left to parents not president or director of any political party or the saints.

However, listening is good thing to do and children could just liten to president or any religious authority, by doing that- they will get more knowledge on choosing the best things for them.

In today’s context, children are not naive, they know what is good for them and what is bad for them.., President should also know that the children whom he is talking too are the children of greatest nation in the world and they are grown in the age of communications and the Internet. They can figure out for themselves the best advices from gaurdians.

Whatever be the case and rumor, I see this as positive and negative. Positive in the sense that one can preasume children, with decision making capabilites. Nobody has rights to give them “too much of advices” and Negative in the sense, “let the children be children, let them play, let them have fun, let them do things in there own way…” that is the beauty of childrens. Nobody has right to tell them what they should do, not even God.

One wise man once said, “I don’t know where is god and who is god but whenever I see in the eyes of lauging child, I feel god in him.”

In short, let the children be children and let them decide what is best for them.

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