I know

I know you are having problems,
I know you are alone,
I know you feel sad,
I know that you are in love,
I know many of the things,
That you don’t know,

I know,
I know that sometimes love doesn’t last forever,
I know that sometimes life is more miserable,
I know that you are in love with some old man,
I know,

But I also know,
That you like me,
I also know that you need me,
I know that, life will be just fine, fine, fine,
Someday, One beautiful day,
I know, when I see into your eyes,
I see a sweet little girl,
Smiling, perfect with utmost beauty and trust,
I know
I know those trusts for someone is not alone,
In those trust lays togetherness,
In those imagination lays dreams,
In those dreams lies reality,
I know, what you don’t know,
I know, that you don’t know about yourself,
Because, I know

Don’t ask me, “How do I know?”
I know because I feel I have seen you before,
I know because I feel magical about you, my soul,
I know because I am with you always,
Though, I can’t be physically with you for so long,
I know,

I know that love has no distance,
I know that loves lies close to heart,
How can I convince you when,
Both of our hearts are so close,
Yet you think it remains so far

I know,
I know what future holds us together,
I know what we have done in our past,
Whatever will be will be,
I know, I can’t let you go,
I know, you are made for me
And you don’t should feel alone,
Please don’t feel so-so,
I know
I cannot provide you with your needs,
But I know, I will work every day and even in week-ends,
I know,
I am not alone anymore,
I know because your heart is just like mine
I know, because somebody said, “Love is blind”,
I know
I know that we both need just to wait, little,
I know that someday I will hug you,
I know that someday, I will kiss you,
I know all this, because I know me,
I know who is in me,
Please don’t be mistake,
I know all this, because you are in me
I know all about you, because I am in you
So I say, “I know”, I know, my mysterious soul,
I know,
I know

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