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Cinderella’s story

Your dreams are shattered; your reality is too weak,
I have run down with pain, every day and every week,
Hopeless I remain in my journey; I have left nothing to weep,
However, I will move on and complete my this stupid speech,
It starts with the Cinderella’s story,
Once was a sweet guy, far far away,
Once was a sweet girl, far very far away,
Both met once in some country,
They thought, they were made for each other,
Then came a devil, who confused the girl,
Girl once confused, lost his guy who was from far north,
Love was paused, life was at halt,
There was break in the journey of guy was travelling, now all alone,
But He had a hope, faith in his God,
He said, “True love always waits,”
I will wait till; I will see my sunlight once after this fall,
The princess girl was asked to marry devil from some other country,
Poor guy heart was broken and never before,
He started his journey and met an very old man, as he came across,
He said his sad story,
Old man replied, “With some suggestions, life cannot just move on”,
He added, “If you have desire to think from heart, you will never fail in whatever things you are willing to do, my son.”
Poor guy from North, inspired from old man
Ran into the house of Princess and kidnapped her
Princess could not recognize the poor boy, as he was wearing a mask,
Princess hated the guy with the mask,
She didn’t knew, he was her love,
Poor guy in mask took her very very far,
Across seven hundred rivers, several hundred kilometers,
Finally, when once poor boy took off his mask,
She realized, it was him
She said, “You are my prince”
They both were living happily ever after,
One day the dream turned into reality,
They both woke up and realized, this was just an story,
They both were in their respective countries,
They both were made for each other but were found in different journey,
It was all written before the story was even told,
After several years, they did same as the story unfold,
Today, it become a Cindrella’s story,
Yesterday, it was just a mere reality,
God bless you all,
May love traces be also be found in your heart

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