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I am in love (with man)


Here is one poor guy who is living in difficult times, He is gay by nature and he is in love with another man. He is asking his mother to leave him alone and let him live his life on his own. He is also begging not to judge him, just simply because he is gay or homosexual.

Enjoy !

I am in love (with man)
Who is complaining that love does not exits?
Why are you saying that I could not exit?
Your society keeps me away,
Your morality says, ‘I am gay’,
I was born like this, why don’t you care?,
Every individual are different,
I am born physical different,
When nobody cares in busy world,
Why are you keeping me away?
Homosexuality is an act of sex by homo sapiens,
I am not gay but I am born to do it different ways,
Love is same everywhere,
I am desperate to live on my way,
Please leave me alone,
If possible, don’t give me your stupid advices
To carry on,
Yes, Even though I am discriminated
I will like to live on my own
I am homosexual,
Open up your legislations,
Open up your Scriptures,
Put me in their too
I am homosexual,
Jesus come back again,
Show that you like Men,
Tell us, humans could born different,
Mother don’t hate,
I am no different than Brother who most care,
Please let me be me,
Please don’t piss on me,
Please don’t show disrespect,
I am feeling very deep pain,
Even though, I was born different,
Every body has purpose to fill on earth,
For me, I am just in love with another Man
Forgive me, Bless me, love me too
Don’t kill me with your judgments
I hope one day, every country will make it free,
Love has no limitations,
Of age, sex, boundary, culture, country or territory,
I am in love with man,
Most importantly, I am in love
I am in love
Feel my deepest of deep feelings,
I am in love,
So please let me be me,
Leave me alone and let me live on my own,
Mama, I am in love
Love, Love and Only love

Have a nice weekend everyone !

God bless you all !

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