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Quotes and Poem of the day

Dear all,

-“What is impossible and what is possible?
When love is in heart, and only in imagination
Giver are blessed by Universe,
Receivers are honored by Nature,
Love is all what we need to take us further.”

-Nothing is impossible because impossible simply does not mean I M Possible but also means imagining possible.

-“What love is, sex misspelled,
Or,In between legs
What hate is, inner peace
Or,In loneliness
Love is unexpected life long journey,
Throughout which you will find many Honey!,
Just try and move on with your romantic journey.”

-“I don’t want to explain love, nobody could but I am trying to give you the knowledge of how I feel when someone is in love, When I would.”

-” We are nobody when we grow on out of ordinary,
But when we are discovered from all of ordinaries,
We then become somebody, love is in being found
love is in beig cared, love is in being nurtured,
like mother feeding babies, like trees sucking rain
Far deeper in the earth, far deeper in the human soul,
love is not in physical intimacy, love is not in finding differences,
love is love, love is required to move on,
love is when we grow out of ordinary,
impossible or possible, immobile or void,
love remains the same with each and every one of us,
In plants, in animals, in birds, in tables and desk,
In the keyboard which I am typing,
In the computer monitor, which is dancing,
In the begger who is asking,
In the streets crowded in some places and silent in others,
In the volcano eruption, in the anger of mother,
In everything and every non-living things,
Wake up and see, love is everywhere
In the words which are magical, In the books which shows multiple directions,
I must stop now, although love will never stop,
I must stop this poem, although my mind will never stop
To love, To like and To view everything as love,
What is that drives us, what is taht makes us wake up,
what is that makes us move, Come on- you know by now?
Love, only love and only love, So love,
Give love, take love, see love, kiss love, wake up with love,
move on in life with love, nothing is impossible when you have love,
life is love, love is life, and love is in finding love,
Come on please get a sweet delight, Come on,
Smile, smile, I can see you smile, Yes, I can see you smile,
Thank you, love is in smile too, love is in everything you do
Take care, with love, from love and by love,
This is the poem for love, thank you, love love. “

God blesses you all !

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