Women at risk

In response to Nytimes article on title, “Women at risk“, Here is what Mybheja has to say-

Dear Bob,
Nicely written and very good approach toward the violece act of the women.
Actually, Men should understand that, women are same everywhere. The problem with man is not only about showcasing the “manhood” but also the despair, hate, and insufficient care that they get before an act of violence on women.

Women is at risk not only in United States but everywhere. Most of the countries in the world live in the society where Male dominance is far greater than female dominance.

Therefore, women is the one being victim in case of sexual assault, rape and murder.

Being Man, I don’t know why? What gives the pleasure to the man to kill an women? Maybe their is psychological problems running down the head of such stupid man who intendeds to perform such an act of violence. One wise man once said, “Most of the man think sex between the legs while dealing with women, they are not concerned about the care, love and scent of emotions and love that women could provide to nurture them.”

Well, let me not generalize but I think, when the man thinks being “humiliated” by women, the act of violence comes naturally in their mind.

In each and every part of the world, be it Africa, Developing countries like Nepal, India and Developed world like Europe and America, Women are in News everywhere. Some through the act of violence, sexual assault, crime of one kind or another. One should always ask: Why?

How would society respond when Man will be treated like women are being treated?

I am afraid to imagine the day Mr. Bob, you would be writing the article with title, “Man at Risk”- How would people respond to such news?

One Guru said to me, “Women are like Nature, they take everything so they are called as Universal receivers.” I was deeply moved by such wise words of the Guru. If you would put the thinking cap on his statement, actually he is right. Women are really Universal receivers, they take care of you as child being Mother, they take care of you as an adult acting wife, girl friend and they also take care of you when you are old acting like life partner. When would such thinking embed in the Man’s mind? Just ask When?

I feel sorry to all those victims especially women who suffered because of an act of Stupid Man who showcased his “Manhood”. It feels shame to be a Man sometimes.

I don’t know how and by which philosophy Man and Women originated but I know this: Man stands for Universal Giver, Intellectual Mind, and Women stand for Wife of Men, Care giver to man and Universal receiver. Whatever be the case, One should not perform an act of violence towards any living and non-living entities be it a Man or Women.

I am deeply sorry and moved by such an act of violence by Man. I feel as if I would have born not being human but any other species.

I don’t know how many literatures of religion and spirituality, people have studied but I would say: “Every religion respects women, be it a bible, Koran and Geeta.”

Therefore, Finally I would say- Please respect women, you don’t become naive if sometimes, Women shows her talent over you.

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