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Quotes and Poem of the day

Dear all,

-“Each man creates the thing he loves,
Some do it with hand,
Some with a flattering words,
The coward does it without effort,
The brave man with a pain in heart.”

-“Everybody in the world is criminal, those who are not found guilty have pockets full of money.”

-“Life is very long journey which never ends, only thing that comes to an end is destination.”

-“Imagine a day without suffering,
Now, imagine a day only with happiness,
Which one is better?Suffering or Happiness,
To most of us, Happiness
Stupid, total stupidness,
Happiness is son of Suffering.
Now, which one is better?”

-“Sometimes it feels as if I am dead,
Sometimes it feels as if I am dead man alive,
When I visit poor countries, it feels as if I am in hell,
Not me, but those who are like me,
I feel pain not for me, but for them,
Not everyone is fortunate enough,
To get pleasure of both heaven and hell,
Being dead at some point and alive at other,
In Mother Nature, Mother Earth alone.
Before complaining, look below yourself
Above is unlimited, below is very limited,
Poor countries, poor life, poor vision,
lies below, deep below
Stop complaining and Help each other !”

God bless you all !

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