You have the answers

There are so many questions in life; I have searched for answers in books, friends, and intellectuals and from news and media. Everybody has their own individual perspectives and those opinions can be neither right nor wrong.

My grandfather told me one story he said, “Once upon a time in a village, young married couple were walking with donkey. At first wife sat on donkey and husband walked by her side. Seeing the scene, villages pointed the finger at wife saying, “She is disrespecting her husband by sitting on the donkey.” Husband agreed with villagers. After walking few miles, wife insisted husband to sit on the donkey. The villagers dishonored husband for allowing her wife to walk in the blaring heat. After receiving ridiculed comments from villagers, husband decided to walk along the donkey and wife. After walking again few miles into another village, villagers laughed at couple for not using donkey for the support. Now, the couple decided both to sit on the donkey thinking this will satisfy the villagers. After few miles, villagers felt pity on donkey for carrying couple and luggage. Now after so much of guilt, couple decided to purchase stick and rope to carry donkey, the couple now decided to carry donkey in the stick and rope, after they had entered the final village, villagers laughed hysterically at couple.

How many times do we have to make adjustment to live our life? To conduct work, to make decisions and to make changes. Although the intentions maybe great but who is the right judge? You, you are the best judge of your own decisions and circumstances. Listen deep into you, your feelings and know even if you are at the verge of making wrong decisions, this might serve you the next point in life. A wise man has said, “Through the ladder of failures, success comes and there is never shortcut to happiness.” Before we urge ourselves to visit expert, friends, books and intellectuals for answer- even these authors don’t have the right answer for anyone than their own selves. What feels right for you and seems logical could be the right answer coming from deep within. The answer which comes from you is made for you and would best fit for you.

Feeling of happiness lies in moving ahead, whereas feeling of anxiety lies in stopping in the crossroad, confused. Whatever comes into the human mind gets converted into images and the images have personal perspectives, interpretations and are based on individual experiences. Whether you want to listen to those interpretations or follow your own is best known by you and only you. Finally, a friend asked, “Who has the answers?” Laughingly, I said, “You, my dear friend, simply you.”

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