Dear God

Dear all,

Dear God
Dear God, I am born and I am conscious,
I learn new things when I go to study,
I am just seven years old and I have a fear,
Dear God, why I have this fear?

Fear of going to school, facing the teacher who is in mood,
Fear of my family, my dad who wants me to become engineer or doctor,
Fear the girl, whom I met in the school,
To impress her, to buy her a lovely house,
Fear of my life which I see will someday collide,
Fear of living in total emptiness and dark inside,

Dear God, I am born and I am conscious,
What is all that matters? In the end,
I am just ordinary normal child,
How can I overcome these fears?
Should I start all over and say, “None of these matters”,
Or, Should I live the way I really want my life to live,

How about my own dreams? If I have them,
Yes, I do-
I want to write,
Yes, I want to give, share and make my audience, who will survive,
Even after my death, even after their death,
But, Dear God, how can I overcome all these fears?

Somebody said, “You got to lose something to gain”,
What if, I will not be able to deliver?
What if, I could not become engineer or doctor to fulfill the dreams of my family?
What if, I could not impress my girl and somebody will take her away,
What if, I will still be fearful?
Of their dreams, of society, of my teacher and,
Of each and everything,

Dear God, I am born and I am conscious,

Let it go, I will start over to see-
What matters most? To me,
I am becoming more selfish, living life of individuality,
I want to put ‘my’ in every thing instead,
I will start over again to fight with this fear,
I will fight,
Fight with fear of society, of family, of my girl, of my teacher,
I will stand out alone
Winner or loser, I will walk on my own,
Dear God, I am born and I am conscious

God bless you all !

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