Non-Resident Nepali

You are Non-Resident Nepali

Everything is bullshit about NRN Finland OR,
Any political organizations inside or outside the country,
One admire the good work and good faith towards well-fare,
but, why the fucking politics ?
Just let Nepalese be free and LISTEN to their worries,

The country does not belong to you once you become citizen of other,
Why the fuck their is so much fuss about NRN?
Come on guys, stop playing politics!
Enough is enough,
Stop spaming mailboxes,
Maybe it is high time, One should keep them as ‘Viruses’,

Country is fucking ruled by stupid Old ass holes,
likes of Girija and relatives coglamores,
Beauty is what we preseve,
Mount Everest, Buddha was where born,
Stupid politics will never stop,
Be it in Finland or anywhere else,

It is not that Nepalese should be discouraged to ‘get together’,
it is stupid politics which is going on behind everyone’s back,
Fuck the ideologies and mindsets,
Fuck this poem,
Who cares when you are foreigner living in Finland?,

Worker status or Permanent, Citizen of foreign land,
You are regarded ‘alien’ when you land from third world,
Nothing is going to change with me or fucking politicians,
be they in Finland or anywhere around the world,

You can come and shit on me if,
I am speaking not the truth,
The world is divided where money rules,
I am sorry who feels the bitterness of this Guru,
Fucking idealogies and politics, Please stop
Sharing information is all what matters,
What can I contribute to NRN or …. organizations?

I ain’t got any stupid info,
Fucking political mail in my psycho,
If I am gone mad,
I will find each one of you,
Kick your ass and show you how bitter it goes inside you,
Fuck the fucking poem,
Shut up and close all curtains,

Move on with what status you came,
Was it Student or worker you remain,
Whatever be the case,
I know, it won’t change,
Nothing has changed in Mother land till this date,
Nothing is going to change even after I am dead.

Congratulations, You are Non-Resident Nepali,
Good luck and good luck, Stupid You !


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