The power of Posterity

In the response to Nytime, “The power of Posterity“, here is what mybheja has to say-

Dear Mr. Brooks,

Nice column and interesting thoughts, ideas on future generations or the power of future generations.

This is an important thing to consider, how we develop and why we reproduce. Whatever we are doing is not only for today also for tomorrow, who does not want to see how their children’s would be like? Be it in one culture or another or now, multicultural environment. Without a great vision and future insights, it would not be possible to develop and foster.

Everything what we are enjoying such as the benefits (Economy, Communications, architectural, designs, spirituality, morality ….) are “leftovers” of our past generations and “update/modification” of present generation.

Whatever be the model and approach taken to see the power of future, one cannot deny the evolution human has taken from stone age to internet age.

Growth cannot be suppressed, neither one can hide the unsatisfied human mind or soul. Visionaries will never stop predicting and thinking about the future, leaders will never stop leading the country, politics, economy and life of other people, students will never stop learning, teachers will never stop teaching and business man will never stop doing any kind of business.

I think, Even if the world will hit by sun in one hemisphere or another, life would not change much.

Anyways, What will be, will be… the present condition is what people should think but should also make their plans/action/vision/dreams for the future.

How can some one forget the power tomorrow holds for us, today?

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