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Quotes and Poem of the day

Dear all,

-“Happiness is something which you feel, the feeling does not last for long but during those times you are different than who you are.”

-“One cannot easily find happiness, love and death, they are unexpected result of your inputs.”

-“One who knows how to enjoy and smile at himself, also knows happiness is in everything and every deeds.”

-“One wise man once said, “I am not happy but I am also not unhappy”; an old man said to an wise man, “I know why you said like that, I also know you are no different than any one of us, we feel the same but the only thing with happiness is, “It lasts only for few moments and later it is stored in your memories, So either you want to save your energies or release your memories, you are the one to decide.”

Don’t worry be happy

-“There are millions quotes and thousand stories about happiness, there are billion books and hundred poems on happiness,
there are
but this poem is different,
because this is about not how to become happy?,
this is about journey,
very long outstanding journey,
a poor boy who fell in love with poor girl,
they both loved each other,
poor girl died,
boy was sad and hated being ‘happy’,
he said,’I am not happy and I don’t want to be happy’,
god give me sadness,
after few months, he found another beautiful girl,
they fell in love,
they make love,
later poor boy was happy with new girl,
but wait a moment,
she was not real women,
she was an angel,
she went away, faded away,
again poor boy was sad,
he said again, ‘I am not happy and I don’t want to be happy’,
….[Story continued]….

One night poor boy died,
he met god, and asked-“Why I was not happy?”
god said,”Because you never wanted to be…”

Happiness is in what you do, what you like,
how you behave, how you speak, how you listen,
how you like and dislike, how you love and hate,
whatever and however, wherever and ever,
nobody is happy and everybody is happy,

the poem ended and everyone was delighted,
life is like this journey of poor boy,
moves on and on,
meets different people and have fun,
enjoy what you have in front of you,
why are you worried, Son !

God bless you all !

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