The Class too dumb

In response to article published at Nytime on title, “The Class Too Dumb to Quit“, here is what Mybheja has to say-

Dear Sir Friedman,

It is very scary that you have been writing this column from dangerous area in Afghanistan. We must appreciate your bravery and guts to think on mission critical case of Taliban and Al-Qaeda.

But In war, either you win or you lose. There are no good or bad strategy which the brave American soldiers and undertaking. I truly support their bravery and fight for the terrorism. Forget about re-building Afghanistan, it wont happen until and unless, you pull out “bad guys”.

For some great diplomats and leaders, the war is one way to earn money. The longer you fight, the better you spend money in guns, bullets, bombs and explosives, those industry will never think of laying off employees.

For ordinary citizens, they can just sit and wait; hoping one day all their effort has paid off.

One wise man once said, “It is never too late in hope to wake up with the sense of victory for good over evil.”

Good luck for your stay in Afghanistan soil, please do keep eyes above your head.

May god bless you and May god bless all brave soldiers.

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