Shrestha’s Bio

Shrestha is dreamer coming from Himalaya region,
Entire life is dedicated for love, in love and with love,
He says, “I want to keep everything private,
People will not understand my emotions and fate…”
Just now he is listening, Narayan Gopal’s Classical songs and asks,
“Oh, Great Poet, Please write few lines on me as I am suffering to tie nots and bots”,

The poem is sad story of which is his own fault,
He visited Asia for love,
Secretive story and saddest culture,
Man’s life is full of adventure,
He wakes up early goes back early,
Smoke cigrate once in a while to ease the pressure,
Chats days and nights without thinking work at hand,
Wasted all his money in phone recharge, travel and fun,
But he is nice handsome guy with European look and little shy,

Maybe it is love for life or maybe it is his life,
Nothing can come in between him and his wife,
man’s life has colorful lights and darkest of dark nights,
He is moved by trust and trust can go someday entrust,
Wake up says his friends, Kamal, Pokharel, Kandel and Mr. Panthi,
He says, “I understand you all but let me be please me.”
Soon he is going to waste all his money,
He ask God to write a poem to write his saddest story,

God gives him blessing to sustain his life sisterly,
He will someday write his own story,
Livinging currently in Deadland he says, “Everything sucks”,
But he has a dream to foster his life,
Bless you my child,
Bless you my child

  1. August 26, 2009 at 7:45 am

    deepak is v v sweet n down 2 earth. As i knw him he can do anything 4 his love. God must listen 2 his heartbeat n find d way 4 his happy life. I always wish 4 his bright future. 1day his every dreams will come true i wish wid god.

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